10 Most Effective Weight Loss Exercises in 2017

What kind of exercise burns the most fat?

Your resolution for 2017 involved losing weight, but your stressful and sedentary lifestyle doesn’t allow for gym workouts and dieting? You still need to take measures, to preserve and improve your weight and general health.

There are many simple exercises you can perform at your own pace, whenever you have the time. By stimulating several muscle groups, they help you burn more calories in just minutes, boosting your metabolism, and raising your energy levels. Here are the most effective weight loss exercises anyone can perform.


Also named HIIT (high-intensity interval training), HIIE (high-intensity intermittent exercise) and SIT (sprint interval training), Tabata is a newer type of interval training that alternates short but intense anaerobic exercise periods with recovery periods or lower intensity. High-intensity intervals usually last between 15 and 60s seconds, depending on one’s strength and endurance. Low-intensity intervals last between 10 and 30 seconds.

Tabata training sessions rarely last more than 30 minutes, but due to the high-intensity of the exercises, they make it possible to burn much more calories than with most other physical exercises. They also improve athletic capacity and glucose metabolism.

Tabata training requires motivation and it is more suitable for slightly overweight and fit individuals trying to shape their body and improve or maintain their health. Obese individuals should begin with low-intensity exercises and increase intensity gradually, as they gain strength and endurance.

Mountain Climber

This exercise engages your entire body, helping you burn more calories at the same time. You can do it anywhere, anytime, as it only uses your body’s weight to strengthen your muscles. It improves your cardiovascular and muscle fitness, your flexibility, and your overall strength.

You can find your own pace and accelerate it according to your needs and capability, gradually increasing intensity and difficulty to exceed your own limits. In just a few minutes daily, you can work your way to a lean and beautiful body.


Few exercises are as simple and accessible as this one. It doesn’t require special equipment or conditions, and it can be performed by anyone, disregarding age, gender, or weight. It can be a great solution to breathe fresh air and enjoy the outdoors, and one can adjust speed and duration according to physical condition and availability.

One can burn up to 500 calories in just half an hour, depending on weight and jogging speed. For best weight loss results, try following a low-fat diet.

Rope Skipping

Did you skip rope as a kid or teenager? Then you surely felt all your body muscles tensing while your heart rate went up. Of course, skipping rope is so fun that you may have neglected these aspects. The bottom line is that this simple and entertaining exercise can help you burn a lot of calories fast, and enjoy several cardiovascular benefits.

You can skip rope as a warm up for another exercise routine, as a full workout, or while playing with your kids in the back garden or park. To spice up your routine and stimulate different muscle groups, you can alternate between single-leg, both legs, and backward skipping, as well as adjust skipping speed and height.  


Swimming is not only relaxing and refreshing, it is also a great solution to burn calories and shape your body. It solicits all muscle groups, and it can help you burn as much as 750 calories in only one hour. For best results, feel free to combine it with water aerobics, and close your training sessions with a thorough anti-cellulite massage.

Bear Crawl

This exercise works your entire body, especially your shoulders, legs, and core. Besides helping you burn more calories, it also shapes the problematic areas of your body. It doesn’t require any special conditions or equipment, as it only uses your body weight.

You can do it both indoors, around the room or in the hallway, and outdoors, in your back yard or on the porch. The best part is that it can be fun, especially for those with children, who get to spend quality time with their little ones and work on their weight loss goals at the same time.


They help you build strength and improve your neuromuscular performance while burning maximum calories. They are extremely effective for shaping thighs and buttocks, and they provide valuable cardiovascular benefits.

The best part is that you don’t need any special abilities or equipment to do lunges at home, at the gym, or outdoors. You can lunge forward or backward, stay higher or get as low as possible, move fast or take your time on each movement.

Weight Training

Weight training can help you increase your strength with up to 50%. In the process, you will lose fat, build muscle, and boost your resting metabolism. In turn, this will help you burn more calories every day. Studies show that weight training can increase bone mineral density, preventing osteoporosis. It also improves glucose utilization, preventing weight gain and high blood glucose.

As for the actual exercises, they are suitable for anyone, as the weight can be increased or decreased according to one’s needs, and every person can adjust the number of sets and repetitions according to their needs.


Yoga exercises can be your greatest ally in your weight loss battle, as they increase your flexibility and strengthen your help, making it easier to cope with more difficult exercise routines. Stability and balance are very important when performing such exercises.

Yoga will also improve your functional strength, and help you clear your mind and get over physical or psychological obstacles. Try to do yoga at least once a week, even if you do it in the comfort of your home, following YouTube videos.


Cycling works miracles for cardiovascular health, strengthens your muscles (especially the glutes, hamstrings, and quads), helps you burn calories, and boosts your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day.

You can ride your bike to work, around the city to exploit the outdoors, in the park or around the neighborhood to get your evening dose of fresh air. You can go biking by yourself when you feel the need to be alone or with friends or family members.

Anything Is Better Than Nothing

If you haven’t exercised before, the beginning might be difficult. You will find workouts beyond your capability that will make you lose faith and courage, and tempt you to give up. Don’t! There is a beginning for everything, including for exercising.

Start slowly, by walking to work, to take the kids to school, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Go cycling or swimming with your friends and family, and don’t say no to football, baseball or basketball games when the opportunity presents itself.

The idea of working out will begin to grow on you, to the point that your body will ask for it. You can build your own workouts using the exercise suggestions above, and adjust their strength and intensity to your needs and abilities.

Slowly but surely, your life will take a turn for the better, as your body will change, your health will improve, and your self-confidence will grow. It is all in your hands, and nothing can stop you from achieving your weight loss goals if you are determined to succeed.

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