10 Weight Loss Tips That Break the Usual Patterns

Best Weight Loss Tips in 2017

Is everyone giving you the same weight loss tips that you can never follow? Then it is time you tried something new, unusual, yet effective. Sometimes, the answer to your problem is right there, under your nose, but you are too busy looking for it elsewhere to notice.

Perhaps you’ve been so desperate to lose weight that you focused on other people’s rules and diets, and forgot to pay attention to the signs your body is sending. The following 10 tips should give you a new perspective on weight loss and the steps you need to follow to make it happen.

1. Pay Attention to Your Body’s Signals

If your weight really is an issue, your body will surely let you know. You may get tired and sleepy for no apparent reason. Your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels may rise. You may feel depressed, unwilling to socialize, and constantly hungry.

You need to start listening to your body before it is too late. All these are signals that your health is in danger and on a descendant path. The sooner you start, the easier obtaining results is. The more you wait, the more pounds you pile up, and the harder losing them becomes.

2. You Have the Success Recipe, So Stick to It

If this isn’t your first attempt to lose weight, you probably know what works for you and what doesn’t. However, every time you get closer to your goals, something happens, and you lose track again. This means your purpose needs to change.

Your fight is no longer about losing weight, but about keeping the weight you lose off. This means changing your life for good. Find the balance between what you love and what you need in order to lose weight and stay healthy, and stick to it!

3. Mark Your Steps and Don’t Go Back

Every day you stick to your newly chosen lifestyle is an accomplishment in itself. Mark it in the calendar, and look at it every time you feel like retaking your bad habits. Returning to your chaotic eating and sedentary lifestyle would mean canceling, erasing those accomplishments, and throwing all your efforts down the gutter. Don’t!

4. Put Your Goals into Numbers to Reach Every Day

Knowing you need to drop 50 or 100 pounds to get in shape is a general, distant goal. You need small, attainable goals every day. Set the maximum numbers of calories you can eat, the minimum amount of exercise to perform or calories to burn, and the minimum number of hours of sleep. For example, your goal could be to take in no more than 1600 calories every day, exercise for at least 15 minutes every day, and sleep at least 7 hours every night.

5. Don’t Act on Weight Fluctuations from One Day to the Next

Even after you reach your desired weight and build a new, healthy lifestyle, your weight may fluctuate from one day to the other. One pound more or less does not mean you should exercise like crazy to sweat it out, or indulge in junk food.

Stick to your healthy diet, and your weight will eventually settle at its optimum levels. If you react aggressively to every small change, your body will never find its balance, and you will always be at risk to gain weight.

6. Don’t Lose Control, Keep Count

When it comes to your weight, responsibility doesn’t mean overeating and punishing yourself for it by working out to burn the extra calories. It means keeping track of what you eat and not letting yourself slip on dangerous paths.

You can use online tools and social networks for that, keep a diary, or even write it up in your calendar. The idea is that, by tracking the food you eat, you remain conscious of its impact on your body and of what you risk when you indulge.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Recovering addicts need family and sponsor support, and so do you. Don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones about your struggle, and ask them to support you. If they care about you and your health, they will listen and lend a hand.

You have no idea how rewarding and encouraging it is to go out with friends and not have to watch them enjoy your forbidden pleasures. A call made at the right moment can prevent a relapse, and having someone to talk to about your fears, hopes, and future plans can keep you optimistic and motivated.

8. Make the Most of the Calories You Burn

Perhaps your numbers for a day include burning 300 calories. It’s great that you focus on that number, but make sure the activity you undertake to pursue your daily goal is enjoyable, or at least useful. If you love the outdoors, why not go hiking or cycling, rather than pedal on your medicinal bike at home? Perhaps you would prefer weight lifting with your friends, a football, or a basketball game.

Whatever you decide to do to burn those calories, make sure it’s something you like, and enjoy every minute of it. This way, with time, you’ll stop seeing exercise as a necessary effort, and begin to consider it a pleasure, a part of your everyday life.

9. Embrace Your New Lifestyle for Good

In the beginning, you can’t afford to think long term, as it would discourage you and cause you to fail. Every day you manage to stick to your plans is a won battle. However, as time passes and you reach your weight loss goal, it is important to let go of your unhealthy memories, or learn from them, and embrace the person you’ve become.

There is no turning back from a healthy lifestyle, so look at everything you have accomplished and everything you stand to lose if you gain weight again, and stick to your healthy habits. Not drinking that extra beer or not eating that chocolate bar won’t kill you, no matter how much you crave them sometimes. Putting those 50 or 100 pounds back might so don’t even think of relapsing!

10. Give Your Mind and Body Time to Adjust

Just as it made you see yourself of normal weight when you were already obese, your mind will play tricks on you when you lose weight. The clothes you couldn’t wear before will feel strange on your body, the cravings will occasionally return, the reactions people may have to your body changes could seem disturbing.

It is all new to your body and mind, so be patient. You know you’re on the right track, you’ve already seen results, just let your mind and body get used to the present state of facts, and everything will be alright.

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