The 8 Common Causes of Nerve Pain

The top 8 possible causes of nerve pain

The nervous system is an interconnection system of nerves that link to the various body parts; this enables them to coordinate the various activities that the body undertakes and it’s responsible for the responses one takes in response to various stimuli. The nervous system can, however, be affected by some factors, often causing damage, pain and even inflammation, to manage the condition, however, it’s necessary to explore the cause of the problem and more so in instances of pain to manage it effectively.

Motor Neuron Disease

The Motor Neuron Disease is a progressive nervous condition that affects the motor neurons in the brain and the spinal cord. When attacked, it becomes hard to transmit messages between the brain and the spinal cord. As a result, electric shock that may be manifested in the form of nerves pain, other signs include; numbness and discomfort among others.

With the condition, walking, talking, breathing, eating and drinking may be hindered. Symptoms may vary from one person to another and to some they could even be more severe. Its cause is not well known, but environmental factors are known to be triggers of the condition. Currently, it affects people of all ages, and it can only be managed given that it doesn’t have a cure yet. The doctor may also recommend medication to slow the progress of the disease.


For persons dealing with diabetes, their bodies are often subjected to the struggle of managing blood sugars. As the body does this, not forgetting the medication that one takes to aid in the process, some body tissues may be damaged as well as the nerves.

It often results in severe pains and swelling as a result of the damaged nerves. With time neuropathy, triggered by diabetes occurs. It’s signaled by, sharp shooting pains, numbness, shocking sensation in the face and the internal organs. On the other hand, the hands and feet experience trouble stretching, holding and even walking. If diabetes is well managed, however, the severity of neuropathy is reduced, and it becomes manageable.

Autoimmune Diseases

These include Multiple sclerosis, lupus and the Guillain-Barre syndrome that attack the immune system. If not diagnosed, and treated or controlled early enough, they can eventually lead to the damage of the nerves as well as other tissues in the body. However, a late diagnosis of this is even more severe, since the pain, caused by nervous damaged is overwhelming. Then comes the numbness, tingling and muscle weakness just to mention but a few. After a consultation with your doctor, they will recommend medication alongside therapies to help you recover. The most commune supplement for nerve pain is Nerve Renew.


Damage to the nervous system often results in a lot of pain; some illness, however, cannot occur without damaging the nerves more so in their later stages. The different types of cancer that occur, many times cause damage to the nerves, and this is companied by a lot of pain, although in some instances, the medication prescribed for the cancer is the one that damages the nerves. Upon knowing this, the doctor may prescribe an alternative treatment for their patients. For patients who have cancer, nutritional deficiencies, hindering healthy nerve growth, tumors pressing on the nerves endings may be the cause of the nerve pain. Surgical removal of the tumor may, however, provide relief.


The injury is the leading cause of nerve pain. It could result from a fall when playing, due to accidents, say car accident among other injuries that occur even while in your house and you hit your hand against the door. The pain can be excruciating and in some cases even cause long term chronic pain. However, the nerve pain caused by injury can be treated in varying ways including home treatment; hot/cold treatments, massage, physiotherapy or through medication.

Vitamin deficiency

In particular the B vitamins. They are responsible for the nourishment and growth of the nerves. In the instances, one experiences a deficiency, and it’s not tackled in time, the nerves experience slow regeneration or even become damaged. This causes a lot of pain, and weakness; making it difficult for the nerves to function effectively. The better news is that this can be quickly rectified by seeing your doctor or nutritionist to recommend an appropriate diet.


Infections often attack the immune system and subsequently the nervous system. This results in a lot of damage to the nerves often causing a lot of pain. To manage the nerve pain the doctor will opt to treat the infections or manage those that cannot be treated, in so doing, they can control the amount of nerve pain you experience. Such infection may include, herpes, HIV, and hepatitis.

Toxins and Chemicals

In a bid to enjoy life, people often subject themselves to a lot of pleasures without bearing in mind the consequences of these pleasures later and more particularly to their health.  Smoking cigarettes, taking alcohol could cause damage to your body. After taking or inhaling these chemicals, the residue chemicals, cause nerve pain over time. However, in some cases, prescribed drugs may also have a negative effect on your body and often result in eventual nerve pain. However, in the case of such effects, an alternative medication can be sought. For the addictive drugs such as the cigarettes and alcohol, doing away with the drug may be relieved to your pain.

Nerve pains are quite severe and unendurable. However, there are some ways you could deal with them to minimize the pain, or in some instances even cope with them completely. Talking to others may also be therapy enough since you know you are not going through it alone. However, the company of family and friends may also be appreciated. Talk to your doctor to help you manage your condition or even the pains. You need not leave with all that pain; you need every energy you can get to enjoy life. Take the right step today, and you will not regret the outcome. Protection Status
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