Abortion rights are still under major debate

This is how abortion rights are part of the human rights

It happens all over the world, precisely because of the fact that not all societies are approaching the problem from the same stance. If some deny the woman’s right to abort, others have a neutral position on the matter, which is actually the right attitude to adopt. Over the course of history, different states have adopted different politics regarding the matter and abortion rights were constantly under scrutiny.

It was believed that it was either an inalienable right or straight out murder and everything in between and the situation has not changed too much during our times. The pro-life activists are the living proof of that. The major problem is that, although their initiatives may sound…sound, they actually intend of banning one of essential woman rights – abortion rights.

What are the cases when abortion is or should be necessary?

This is where all the problems originate from. Abortion rights supporters have a well-constructed agenda that, above everything else, supports freedom of choice above everything else. From both a moral and a medical stance, there are several cases when not only abortion could be necessary but is.

When it threatens the mother’s life

There are a lot of complications that could appear during the pregnancy and in almost all the cases the doctors will try to save both the mother and the child. However, and this is where abortion rights appear to be a necessity, in some case the child’s life will endanger that of the mother, in which case doctors will always opt to save the mother.

The reason for that is pretty simple, or at least is pretty simple from an objective point of view. The mother is a full grown human being, not one that is unconscious, in an animated state. The mother manifests will live and she is entitled to all of the inalienable human rights, including the one to live. An unborn baby, especially in the early stages of up to 20 weeks, the top limit at which the abortion is performed, is not a human being, but in the process of becoming one.

It would be monstrous not to deny the birth of a future human being, in order to save the life of one who already exists.

When the baby could have birth defects or suffer from serious diseases

The abortion rights are also based on the wellbeing of the baby, as weird as that may sound. For most of the pro-life activists, there is nothing more precious than life and living has been lifted to the rank of absolute. However, there are certain people who have actively requested to be medically assisted suicide, because they refuse to live anymore.

There could be any number of reasons, from depression to seriously debilitating diseases and although we could lure out depression from the list, as well as other affections that could be treated successfully, in some cases all hopes are lost. Some patients end up paralyzed for life or even life in tremendous pain due to some serious conditions and simply give up their right to live.

Would you accept your baby to be born that way? Should you? There are some medical cases when the health of the baby deteriorates even long before it was born and some debilitating genetic diseases could manifest in the first weeks of the pregnancies. Who is to say the mother has no right to decide what is best for her baby?

It is not about killing a human being instead of allowing it to live with the disease, it is about preventing the human being ever to be formed. This is a difference a lot of people miss out on.

When the mother simply refuses the pregnancy

There are several reasons for this and considering them as just is what makes abortion rights just within themselves. First of all, the mother may be under-aged with the pregnancy as an accident. This usually happens mostly due to poor education levels, but this sheds no shadow on whether abortion rights should be a fundamental women’s right.

An under-aged mother will have her life completely turned upside down and no, she is not to be blamed, especially because she is minor. It is their parents’ responsibility to give her the proper education. Their daughter’s pregnancy is their fault and even if she is not entirely entitled to make a decision for herself, the right to refuse the pregnancy should be inalienable.

Now comes the race in pro-abortion rights speech. What about rape? Should the rape victim keep the baby, despite all evidence regarding the mental trauma she will have to live with? Most of the victims fail to love and empathize with the baby born as a product of rape, the end result being a miserable existence for both the mother and the child.

Then there is also the fact that abortion rights should allow a woman to refuse the birth on her own will. Simply because she does not want the baby. There is no need for any additional reason. Studies have shown that women who have carried a pregnancy to the end, but did not want the baby, have ended up abandoning it. Orphanages are filled with this evidence.

Are abortion rights necessary?

The abortion ban never solved anything. It happened in Romania, prior to 1990, in full communist era and the number of abortions was a lot of times higher than it is today. The only significant difference was that women performed the procedures on their own, or assisted by unqualified personnel, relatives or other people, thus increasing the risk of complications greatly. Thousands have died as a result and thousands more have remained physically and mentally debilitated.

The communist system failed to see the problem. With or without legalizing the abortion rights, the phenomenon will never cease, because there will always be cases when abortion will happen, regardless whether the state has something to say about it or not. Just like prohibition increased the consumption of alcohol considerably, just on the black market. The system could not stop it.

What is the course of action?

Abortion rights are human rights and the most effective way to prevent abortions from ever happening is to promote a healthier educational system. Promote the contraceptive measures and educate young girls into becoming responsible adults.

Perhaps this is the essential difference between the two candidates for the US presidency. If Hillary Clinton supports abortion rights, Trump thinks otherwise and it is not about who is right, it is about what arguments they are using. In this sense, there should be no real debate, since the winner on the matter is clearly visible from the Moon.

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