Atkins Diet Plan Review

What You Should Know About Atkins Diet

Are you looking for a diet to help you lose weight? One of the most popular diets for weight loss is Atkins diet. According to those who promote this diet, you will lose up to 15 pounds within two weeks when you are on Atkins diet.

Atkins Diet Background

The theory behind Atkins diet is a unique one. According to this theory, carbs are gas that makes the body, which is an engine, to go. When you limit carb intakes, the body will turn to an alternative fuel in the body – which is stored fat.

Atkins Diet seeks to limit the carbs you take in at any one time. A meal that is heavy in carbs floods the blood with glucose, they later end up as fat because they are too much for the cells to use or to store in the liver as glycogen.

Atkins diet is very popular. In fact, it has been ranked at number 36 as Best Diets Overall.  Atkins diet has also been ranked as:

  • Number 7 in Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets
  • 12 in Best Commercial Diet Plans
  • 14 in Best Weight-loss Diets
  • 29 in Easiest Diets to Follow
  • 36 in Best Diets Overall
  • 37 in Best Heart-Healthy Diets

How Does Atkins Diet Work?

Atkins diet works differently from most other diets such as Mediterranean diet. With this, you will have to go through four phases which include eating few carbs and progressively until you get the weight you are hoping for.

It is not easy to keep carbs at bay. You will need to know “acceptable foods” to eat and how to calculate what you need to eat. For instance, you will need 20 grams a day of “net carbs”, you need at least 12 to 15 of them to come from “foundation vegetables” which have higher fiber content.

This diet has various plans such as Atkins 40 Plan which is an entry point for those that wants to lose 40 pounds or less. There is also Atkins 100 which is a low-carb plan that you can easily customize and offers more flexibility to how you choose what to eat, allowing you to allocate 100 net carbs throughout the day.

Atkins 100 Plan include:

  • Three 4-to-6 ounce servings of protein a day

  • Two to four servings of added fat per day

  • A minimum of 12 to 15 grams of net carbs of foundation vegetables per day.

You can get the remaining 85 grams of net carbs from foods like nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and higher carb fruits.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With Atkins?

Atkins is a diet that strictly limits the intake of carbohydrates so your body can be forced into burning excess fat stored in your body. Like we mentioned above, it has four phases; the first phase which is known as the induction phase usually last two weeks.

Proponents of this diet believed that you can lose up to 15 pounds within just 2 weeks if you strictly follow the rules of this diet. Note that you are not allowed to take any sugar or fruit during the induction phase. You will replace these foods with plant and animal-based proteins, cheese, and vegetables.

You can choose to remain in the induction phase for more than two weeks if you want. However, it is recommended that you add nuts and seeds to your food after the initial two weeks. Usually, the amount of weight you will lose will depend on how long you limit your intake of carbohydrate to 20 grams.

You can increase your carb intake by 5g daily for a week at a time when you start the second phase known as the “Ongoing Weight Loss”. You need to continue this way until you lose between 1 and 3lb a week. During this phase, there is the introduction of more veggies, nuts, fruits, and seeds. However, you still need to stay away from rice, potatoes, pasta, and even bread.

Phase 3 is known as Pre-maintenance and it starts once you have just 5-10lb left to lose. Once you enter phase 3, you can increase your intake of carb by 10g each day for a week at a time. The objective of this phase is to slow down your weight loss to no more than 1lb per week.

When you are done with this phase, you will enter the fourth and final phase known as Lifetime Maintenance. During this period, you will need to eat foods to maintain your weight. This stage will require you to incorporate some foods such as Safflower Oil into your diet. This is important to help you continue losing weight as you will add some carbohydrate back into your diet once you reach this stage.

Atkins Diet Conclusion

Atkins is a very popular diet. Thankfully, many people who have tried this diet in the past confirmed it works for them. Unfortunately, Atkins diet has many rules, if you can follow all these rules strictly, you will truly benefit from weight loss this diet offers.

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