Celebrities With Successful Diet For Your Inspiration

Celebrity Diets 2018

Most celebrities we know have beautiful bodies, but we also know that many of them are just relying on quick-fix solutions when it comes to shaping their figures, like liposuction or cosmetic surgeries. However, there are also some celebrities who managed to lose weight and have beautiful figures through lifestyle changes, with healthy diet and exercise. These people could really be your inspiration to follow their footsteps in losing excessive weight and shape their bodies.

Lady Gaga Diet Plan

Lady Gaga has a quite gloomy life history, from being bullied to struggling with bulimia. But after she left all those behind her, she managed to lose about 30 pounds by implementing a low-glycemic index diet. The 5-factor diet is said to be the one she has followed. With this type of diet, she was only eating healthy foods in 5 categories: protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fats, and sugarless drinks. If you wonder what is glycemic, it’s actually an index that can be used to rank foods by how fast they can increase blood sugar levels when being digested.

During dieting, she avoided sugary treats, simple carbohydrates, foods with saturated fats, fried foods, as well as highly processed meats. The 5-factor diet also includes five meal times per day, with two heavy meals and 3 snacks.

While this diet is proven to be very effective and really healthy, but the 5-factor diet is definitely not for everyone, because it could be very challenging. It has a long list of forbidden foods with very strict rules, that might stress you out easily and causing you to give up. Besides, the forbidden foods actually have important nutrients and many health benefits, like a potato, for example, that has a high content of potassium. If you often have problems with high blood sugar levels, then you can actually stabilize it without experiencing extreme mood changes by consuming carbohydrates together with fat and protein – it could be baked potato with Greek yogurt or toast with almond butter. This combination is really powerful to calm your mood down while at the same time satisfies you physically and emotionally.

Lady Gaga also set a good example on how to cope with bad romance. She turned her emotions into physical exercise at least 25 minutes per session for five times a week, which includes yoga. You may not have to workout like her, but you could try to be more active and perform more physical activities, like walking your dog, riding a bike or simply doing house chores more often.

Oprah Winfrey Diet and Exercise

Oprah is following a diet from Weight Watchers that ranks number one on the US News’ list. Oprah successfully lost more than 40 pounds by implementing the diet that encouraged her to have a healthier eating pattern and lifestyle, with less sugary foods and foods that are high in saturated fat, while at the same time increasing her fruits and vegetable intake, also improved physical activities and positive moods.

As we all know, most dietary programs that are endorsed by celebrities are usually expensive, but that’s not the case with Weight Watchers because this dietary program is very much affordable for most people.

Eva Mendes’ Diet

Many dieting experts say that you can be successful with your diet if you don’t really feel like dieting, and that can be achieved by actually incorporating your favorite foods into the diet, of course with a modified portion. Eva Mendez is an example of someone who achieved a dieting success by implementing that theory. She actually included rice and beans, two of her favorite dishes since childhood into her diet, and you can see the beautiful results now.

Another tip from her is to drink plenty of water, which is very important for digestive health as well as to keep you hydrated.

The only concern about Eva’s dieting system is that she claims to eat the same meals for lunch and dinner every single day! That could be really tough for most people. Even though there’s nothing wrong about consuming the same meals every day as long as they have complete nutrients, but variety is vital in a diet to keep you motivated and stay focus. Remember that boredom is one of the main reasons why people quit dieting.

Jillian Michaels Diet

This Biggest Loser star doesn’t really like elimination diets, instead, she prefers something she calls 80/20 nutrition lifestyle, which is focusing 80% of the time on healthy eating, while the other 20% on a more relaxed approach. If you’re interested in following Jillian’s way of healthy weight loss, you could visit her blog. In her blog you there are also many great tips about developing a healthier relationship with foods and she also encourages people to be more aware of their foods to find out the real content of the foods they eat. It could be as simple as reading nutrition facts or ingredients list on the food container.

The Candace Cameron Bure Diet

Candace Bure with bits of help from her personal trainers incorporated lots of exercise routines in her weight loss effort. The workouts are mostly high-intensity interval training, by also emphasizing on letting your body rests and recover.

Her meal plans include nuts, seeds, whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruit as well as lean protein. But she still includes some treats with modest proportion, like pizza, cupcakes and carrot cake.

Maximizing your diet

Whatever type of diet you choose, just make sure you can follow through completely, because no matter how good it is, if you’re just going to give up in the middle of the road, then you won’t get anything.

You can also try to maximize your effort by incorporating a good dietary supplement like the CLA Safflower Oil in your diet. This supplement is completely natural and has lots of health benefits that are so useful for your diet. Besides able to boost your metabolic rate, this supplement will also boost your serotonin level, that naturally can suppress your appetite and improve your mood.

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