The dangers of narcolepsy are not to be taken lightly

Finding out about the dangers of narcolepsy is essential

There are plenty of sleeping disorders we could talk about that are fairly more often among the general population, but this time we will look at the dangers of narcolepsy and we will analyze the factors causing it, who is at risk and what can be done against it. For starts, this is a pretty rare affection, but it is no consolation for those who have encountered it. It consists in sleeping disorders that function precisely opposite to how insomnia does.

Meaning that you could fall asleep in different locations, while doing different things, completely without warning and this is only one of the symptoms. It all happens at the brain level when the production of a chemical called hypocretin ceases.

This substance helps the brain to remain in a wake state and keeps it alert during the day. When the production ceases, the subject experiencing it will have difficulties in staying awake, but will also manifest sleeping disorders. The real dangers of narcolepsy can be observed in the list of symptoms, each of them carrying its own health risk:

  • Daytime sleepiness

The subject cannot concentrate, loses focus quite easily and feels sleepy and sucked of energy for the entire day. This means he cannot engage in any serious task since simply staying awake is a goal in itself.

  • Sudden sleep attacks

Although the name sounds hilarious, the results certainly are not, because it can give birth to all kinds of dangerous situations, where the subject can put himself in harm’s way, by falling asleep in inappropriate locations and accidents could easily occur.

  • The loss of muscular control

The symptom is also known as cataplexy and it is defined by the muscular weakness, but also by erratic emotions, where laughter intertwines with sentiments as anger or depression.

  • Sleep paralysis

One of the more common dangers of narcolepsy, many times believed to be the sign of demonic possession. It manifests during the wake of when the person has just fallen asleep and it resides in the inability to move or speak for some time, although the subject is perfectly conscious.

  • Hallucinations and intense nightmares

The dangers of narcolepsy also include powerful hallucinations during the waking state, but also extremely vivid nightmares, causing the subject to have a disturbed sleeping pattern and to be unable to rest properly during the night.

Who is at risk and what is there to be done?

The dangers of narcolepsy could manifest in everyone, men and women alike, in equal measure. However, the most predisposed to the affection are children and teenagers, with some variations in age. The health affection could also manifest in adults, making it that much more frightening.

Fortunately, it only affects one person in over 2,000, which makes it fairly rare among the general public. This does not mean that the dangers of narcolepsy are less real or have a lesser impact on the lives of those affected by it. Which is why, as soon as the symptoms occur, the immediate action should be seeking professional assistance. Protection Status
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