Detailed Keto Diet plan

What should we eat on a keto diet

You have to pay attention to the whole net carb thing. The short answer is fiber doesn’t really count but it does in some ways. So we have soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is going to be things like the roughage, asparagus, and broccoli. So I would recommend that you count soluble fiber technically as a half gram. It does have a small effect on your blood sugar or on insulin. We do have to count it in order to have a successful Keto Diet.

So if you look at the label and you see that it has let’s say five grams of soluble fiber you’re going to want to count two and a half of those. Basically, count every one gram as a half a gram. That’ll help you up. You can’t just go and eat 100 grams of insoluble fiber and say that it’s fiber and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Should you try the keto diet?

It’s still going to count towards something. Generally speaking, we want to keep our carbs under 30 or so total. So we want to be paying close attention to their insoluble fiber. Don’t worry about sugar alcohols, because are the same thing. I recommend counting a half a carb there. So if you’re consuming something that has a bunch of Malta tall or Isom alternate again they’re going to count as sugar alcohol on the label and still count as a carb.

Now bulletproof coffee this is what you’ve been waiting for bulletproof coffee or tea dough coffee. This is where you take coffee and you add like butter or you add ghee or coconut oil and you whip it up and you make a really tasty beverage. Let me say one thing first. These are caloric beverages. I enjoy them. I enjoy them greatly but their caloric beverages and they should count as a meal.

A lot of times if you make a bulletproof coffee it’s going to have three four or five hundred calories in it. That’s a meal so don’t add it to a meal or don’t just use it as a substitute for your morning coffee. That’s a lot of calories. So I have a few different kinds of bulletproof coffee or Keto coffee that I like to follow.

One of them is just very anti-inflammatory. It’s where you just have regular coffee with a little bit of ghee. Ghee is like butter except it doesn’t have any of the lactose and then you can add some coconut oil to it. You can add a little bit of cinnamon. You can add all these because they are all OK.

Then there’s the one that tastes really good. This is the one where you add some butter where you can add some heavy cream where you can add some other things that might be a little bit tasty like again some more ghee some tea oil perhaps. The point is is that you don’t always want to be adding dairy to these things but there’s another one that you can do and it’s actually a personal favorite of mine where you actually take matcha green tea.

You can take that much green tea and you add some ghee to that and you add some coconut oil with that. You go that route. That’s really a good way to go because then you’re getting the bulletproof coffee effect you’re getting all the facts with a lower level of caffeine. You can have it throughout the course of the day.

What does it mean to have ketones in your urine?

The short answer is to use it as a meal replacement. Don’t try to do it as an additional snack. Next is going to be how to measure your ketones. All right, make this one kind of brief. Normally when people started a Keto diet plan they almost always go for the urine test strips. Here’s the thing with the urine test strips, the urine test strips measure what is called a CDO acetate.

Ketones definition

That is a ketone body but they only measure the excess ketones. So once your body is adapted, you’re not producing excess ketones anymore. You’re producing just the right amount which means that you’re not going to register on the urine strips anymore. So this is a common problem.

People think that they’re not in ketosis anymore because the urine strip doesn’t reflect ketones anymore. These are simple strips you can get a CVA you get at Wal-Mart you get just about anywhere. And the hard part is the market is flooded with them right now because they know is popular.

So the point is you can use them in the beginning but they’re not reliable. You’re going to want to check your blood and I know you may not want to do that because you’d have to break your finger but checking your blood ketone levels truly is the best way to honestly get an accurate representation of where you stand on that Keto profile.

But in my honest opinion, you don’t even really need to be checking if you’re doing the diet right, all you have to do is to check once or twice in your entirety of doing the protocols and you’ll be fine because you’re gonna know exactly where you need to be just by how you feel. Trust me you’re going to know that you’re in a ketogenic state because you’re going to feel good. Period. All right sweeteners. What can you have? What can you not have? I wrote another article about Ketosis and you can find a link below. Feel free to ask any questions you may have too. I almost forgot to tell you to read about this amazing weight loss supplement I found a few months ago called Keto Ultra and you can read the full Keto Ultra Diet Review here. Protection Status
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