Difference between cardio and fat burn


Is it better to be in fat burn or cardio?

When you want to lose weight, the first thing anyone who cares to listen will tell you is to sign up for gym class. Once people get to the gym, they assume that cardio and fat burning workouts are the same. Unfortunately, they are not. You may be shocked to learn that you are doing it the wrong way.

In fact, your trainer is supposed to let you know the difference between cardio and fat burning exercises and how you can leverage each of these workout exercises to achieve weight loss and gain the type of body you have always dreamed of.

The difference between cardio and fat burning exercises has always been a controversial topic. While most people insisted they are the same, they are another school of thought that said there are differences between the two. In this article, you will learn about the differences between cardio and fat burn exercises and how you can leverage them to your advantage.

Cardio Exercises

These are the type of workout exercises which are designed to act as a compliment to aerobic fitness. It does this by sticking to one’s specific heart rate zone for improved cardiovascular work.

Overall, cardio workouts are more intensive. You can reach 50 to 85% of your maximum heart rate during this exercise. The benefit of cardio is that you will burn more cardio as a result of increased energy loss. The intensity of these exercises lead to rapid heartbeat and increased metabolism.

Some of these exercises include jogging, brisk walking, riding a stationary bicycle or using an elliptical trainer. You can do cardio exercises on your own at home without the help of a trainer or gym equipment. In fact, anytime you wake up in the morning to jog or do brisk walking, you are actually engaging in cardio exercise.

Fat Burning Exercises

This type of exercises is designed to keep your heartbeat in the fat burning zone. The target here is within 50-60% of your heart rate. Fat burning exercises are not as intensive as cardio exercises. The objective of these exercises is to help you burn calories from fat. You will also need this exercise if your objective is to increase stamina and endurance while you lose weight at the same time.

Some examples of fat burning exercises include thrusts, squats, butt lift, hip raise, jumps, bridge, and more. Note that these exercises can be done at home. However, it is recommended you do them at the gym. This is because they are targeted and you will need the help of an instructor to learn how to do them correctly. Alternatively, there are tons of videos online you can do and learn how you can lose weight with these fat burning exercises.

Cardio Exercises Fat Burning Exercises
You reach between 50 to 85% of your heart rate You reach between 50 to 60% of your heart rate
Very intensive Less intensive
Needs to be done for at least 30 minutes without a break You can take a break during this exercise.
Gives overall results which include weight loss, more endurance, and more toned body Targeted towards weight loss. Also used to improve certain body zones such as butt, hips, belly.

The Major Difference Between Cardio and Fat Burning

The major difference between these two types of exercises is the final result you expect to achieve. Let’s take, for example, you want to reduce your weight, increase your lean muscle, and stamina; you will need to use fat burning exercises to achieve these objectives. You may not achieve good weight loss result when you make use of cardio exercises alone. On the other hand, cardio exercises will help you to enjoy overall health benefits. The benefit of this type of exercise is not just limited to weight loss, it can help you to improve your endurance and your heart functioning.

Another major difference between these two exercises is the type of workouts involved. If you are doing cardio exercises, they usually last about 30 minutes on average and are monotonous. Some good examples of this type of workouts include jogging, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and other similar activities.

Cardio exercises usually involve repeating the same activities without pausing. This makes your heart beat faster and help you to achieve overall health result. On the other hand, you can do fat burning workouts as long as you want. However, you are allowed to take breaks or switch between various types of exercises. Generally, they are not as intensive as cardio exercises. Some good examples of this type of workout include squats, turns, jumps, push-ups, and other similar activities.

Knowing the difference between cardio and fat-burn workouts may be exactly what you need to achieve results in the gym. Next time you step into the gym, make sure you ask your instructor to teach you the exact techniques you need to achieve your objectives.

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