Difference between CBD Hemp oil and CBD Oil

Hemp CBD versus Cannabis CBD

CBD can be extracted from both the hemp plant and the Cannabis plant commonly known as marijuana. CBD is a chemical compound that is useful to both people and animals.

Is Hemp CBD Same as Cannabis CBD?

Actually, it is only the origin of the product that does make the names different. The hemp CBD is extracted from industrially grown hemp and the Cannabis CBD is extracted from the cannabis. Therefore CBD is CBD, whether it originates from the hemp plant or the cannabis plant. The chemical composition of both CBD, from the hemp plant and from the Sativa plant are the same thing. Both CBD’s also have the same medicinal effects on the body, thus using any of the CBD’s will give similar results.

The Differences between the Hemp CBD and the Cannabis CBD

The CBD’s from the different plants are similar, however, there are some factors that make the cultivation, sale, and usage of the CBD to be limited. These factors may make one think that the CBD from hemp is different from the CBD from Cannabis. These factors include the following;

The Origin of CBD

This is where the big confusion originates. The first one needs to know that the same CBD can be extracted from either the industrially grown hemp plant or from Cannabis. A hemp plant is grown commercially or industrially and its leaves, buds, and flowers are used in the extraction of the CBD. There are characteristics associated with the industrially grown hemp plant, one is that mature hemp looks like bamboo and has skinny stalks. The hemp plant can also grow as high as 15 feet. A marijuana plant, on the other hand, does spread when they mature and it needs space when planting.

The Concentration of CBD in the Plants

This becomes a major difference between the hemp CBD and the Cannabis CBD. The hemp has lower CBD content compared to that in Cannabis plant. Actually, the hemp plant contains only about 3.5% of the CBD compound when extracted while the Cannabis contains as high as 20% concentration of CBD.

Due to this difference, one will need a large amount of the hemp plant to extract the same amount of CBD that a little amount of Cannabis can produce. This fact also makes more people be interested in extracting CBD from Cannabis more than from Hemp.

The Legality of CBD

CBD is an entirely legal substance to use. In fact, it is used as a medicinal substance to cure so many ailments. The legality question arises from the origin of the CBD. Many countries, especially in the United States, do consider the extraction of hemp CBD as a legal practice. Some of the bodies have even patented the use of hemp CBD. Cannabis CBD, on the other hand, is illegal. Cannabis is illegal right from its cultivation, extraction, and sale.

What Makes Cannabis Illegal and Hemp Plant Legal?

THC is the main chemical compound that makes the big difference in the legality of the plants. Cannabis contains very high amounts of THC compared to the hemp plant. Hemp contains a low THC of about 1 percent. THC is known to be a chemical compound that is highly psychoactive. This characteristic makes it be banned in most of the countries as it causes ‘high’ effects in a person. Although the cannabis contains a higher percentage of CBD it cannot be used since it also contains high contents of THC which makes it illegal.

Medicinal Effects of the CBD

From research studies, the medicinal effects of the CBD Hemp are different from that of Cannabis CBD. The hemp CBD is produced in small concentration and thus has less medicinal effects on the affected person. Additionally, it has been noted that the hemp CBD is associated with many side effects. The Cannabis CBD, on the other hand, has proven to be the best and most effective medicinal substance. It is produced in higher concentration and thus has better medicinal benefits. Although Cannabis CBD has exhibited this ability, it cannot be utilized since it has not been legalized yet.

The Future of CBD

CBD has proven to be a beneficial compound to human health. There is a need to promote the use of CBD. In addition to that, the promotion of the CBD will lead to higher demand for the product. However, with the legal restriction of Cannabis, the supply of the product will be limited.

There is a need therefore to legalize the medical use of the cannabis CBD. It is the source of more medicinal properties and thus its extraction will lead to reduced cases of diseases. The countries should then commercially grow the Cannabis purposely for extraction of the beneficial CBD. It is important to note and restrict drug users from using Cannabis that contains high levels of THC.

CBD Vs Hemp Conclusion

People need to get informed that the hemp CBD and the Cannabis CBD are a similar product. Both the CBD from hemp and Cannabis are legal to use but the growth and use of other products from the cannabis plant is illegal. CBD is very beneficial to human as it cures a broad spectrum of diseases, ranging from cancer, diabetes, and many others. The two plants contain different amounts of CBD and their extraction methods can vary due to the concentration levels. Cannabis CBD is more important than the hemp CBD, however, its legality limits its usage.

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