E-Cigarettes-FDA restrictions

What FDA’s New Restrictions on E-Cigarettes Mean for You

Electronic cigarettes have recently gotten the attention of the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is currently trying to impose new rules regarding several nicotine products, list for the first time includes e-cigarettes.

This is the first time that FDA includes e-cigarettes on their list of rules in an attempt to gain control over a wide and powerful industry which has functioned with minimum regulations so far.

E-cigarettes set the FDA on fire

Considering that statistics have shown that the use of electronic cigarettes has grown between 2011 and 2015 with more than 900%, the FDA decided that it was high time that they set some ground rules with regards to the regulations concerning the selling and use of tobacco vapor products.

Many of the organizations which have been diligently militating for health and consumer protection are now celebrating on winning a fight in preventing diseases related to tobacco consumption.

The most significant new rules focus on preventing teenagers from being able to gain easy access to electronic cigarettes.  Starting with the 8thof August 2016, retailers must consider the following three main rules:

  • No selling e-cigarettes to people under 18 years old will be anymore permitted

  • Vendors will be required to ask and verify the ID of anyone who is under the age 26 years old, but is interested in buying e-cigarettes

  • E-cigarettes vending machines will be available in establishments where only adults have access to (these places include bars and casinos).

Specialists try to limit the usage of this kind of products in teenagers as the simulating behavior of smoking may encourage the experimentation with other nicotine products.

At least this is the result of a study done on students in Paris. Within less than a year, 18% of them tried electronic cigarettes. In 2013, the number of teenagers experimenting with e-cigarettes were reported to be double the number from the previous year.

E-cigarettes must be kept away from children

Electronic cigarettes are seen as a less harmful alternative to smoking. And that’s because   vaping contains fewer chemicals and it has less of a harmful effect on the cells inside the smoker’s body than classic smoking does.

According to the latest studies the cells, which died after being exposed to classic smoke within 24 hours, were still very much alive and well after eight weeks of being exposed to the vapors produced by the e-cigarettes.

In addition to that, the fact that the exhaled toxic smoke is replaced by harmless vapors means that non-smokers are no longer forced to inhale the vapors anymore, rendering passive smoking a moot point. None the less, nicotine is in itself considered as being a poison by some as it can lead to the development of various diseases.

All that means that e-cigarettes are, themselves, a far cry from becoming 100% safe and harm-free. Even though studies showed that the electronic cigarette is less dangerous than the classic version, the final result is the same: nicotine can and will kill the cells in the long run.

Studies, which are assessing the long-term effect of using e-cigarettes and vaping are still under way. It is estimated that the e-cigarette industry has already reached 3 billion.

Depending on the manufacturer of the e-cigarette ‘juice’ other dangerous chemicals and substances might be present in the vapor of an electronic cigarette. Even if substances such as Acetyl Propionyl and Diacetylare quite commonly found in juice concentrates, it has been proven that they are toxic once incorporated into the E-Juices.

With regards to that, big manufacturers like Capella have already banned these substances from their E-Juice products. For the moment, small manufacturers are still mixing their ingredients in the composition of the E-Juices. That will have to change as per FDA, they will have to register their recipes and list their ingredients on the label.

Labeling should start as early as this August. The information which will need to be disclosed to the FDA includes:

  • The used Ingredients

  • Any date concerning emissions and safety

  • All involved manufacturing processes

The registration and authorization of E-Juice recipes will, however, occur only later, as FDA has given manufacturers a time-span of a couple of years to get onboard with the new regulations.

For the moment, studies showed that traditional tobacco products are far more dangerous, with publications like the Public Health, England going so far as to state that the use of E-cigarettes is 95% safer than regular smoking.

However, further extensive research is needed to determine the final effect of the long-term use of e-cigarettes on our health.

As far as the Food and Drug Administration is concerned the use of any tobacco product by children is completely inadvisable and hopes that by imposing new regulations the children and teenagers will have limited, more restrictive access to nicotine-based products.

The content of the electronic cigarettes is also targeted

As stated above, the FDA decided it’s the time to keep an eye on the manufacturers of the substance that is poured into the electronic cigarettes as well. This substance has the consistency of a gel and many different recipes.

This is a major change in the industry because, over the past decade, there were few restrictions and regulations as far as this aspect goes. From now on, however, the manufacturers of this type of products must apply to FDA for authorization.

Their products must be approved for public consumption and for that to happen the producer must state on the label things like ingredients and safety warnings. The possibility of addiction must also be clearly stated.

This is considered to be a huge step for consumer safety, as so far many small producers were mixing chemicals privately, without any restriction on the use of potentially dangerous substances. The producers are, of course, not happy with these new regulations.

One of their objections is the reason that obtaining the FDA approval costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it can take up to three years. So, the authorities set for a small compromise and the next two years the companies can continue their production while they meanwhile submit their application.

Do the FDA impose new restrictions have the ability to eliminate all potentially harmful substances from E-Juices? Will this new regulation drive the small manufacturers out of business? The answers to these questions can only be provided by them.

How do these rules affect smokers in their everyday life?

The majority of smokers will feel no difference after the FDA regulation become official and start getting put into place.

The main impact will be felt by young smokers, as after August 2016 teenager that have not yet turned 18 years old will no longer be able to buy electronic cigarettes, and those under 26 must show an ID before purchasing any such items.

From now, the producers must start to mention on the label all the ingredients used for creating the mix. It is now recommended for people to keep an eye on these details and even search on the internet about the effects these chemicals included in their regular E-Juices might have on overall health.

Certain chemicals like Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl have been directly linked to the negative effects of smoking. So try to stay sharp and be on your toes when it comes to being aware of the composition on your usual E-Juice.

The electronic cigarette is less harmful than the classic version

Even if the FDA has started to consider electronic cigarette a threat for health, a different approach comes from England. Back on the old continent, the Public Health Department considers e-cigarette 95% safer than the classic version.

This conclusion is endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians, commission who, to the surprise of many, recommends this as a way to give up smoking classic tobacco.

The Food and Drug Administration is a state authority and has the power to impose rules, but if you are a heavy smoker that intends to reduce the nicotine level or even completely gives up cigarettes it is important to hear both sides of the story before making an informed decision.

Even if it was proven by many clinical studies that this alternative to classic tobacco is less harmful, the choice between classic tobacco and vaping remains a very personal one.

Everyone is aware that smoking is unhealthy, especially the smokers. However, this is one guilty pleasure that many don’t want to restrict themselves from having. And even when they want to give it up, their will might not be strong enough to fight the addiction.

Looking back, one can easily tell that the new regulations imposed come only to protect the consumer. So far, in the industry of electronic cigarettes any producer was free to sell products according to its secret recipe which had the potential to put smokers at risk.

From now on, the smokers should feel safer when buying this kind of product as they will have extensive access to more information regarding the chemicals which will be vaped through their body.

The main intention of the authorities is to prevent children from endangering their already frail health by consuming toxins for which we are still to determine the long-term effect off.

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