Easy Weight Loss Exercises

Jumping – Weight Loss Exercises

Jumping involves the whole body to moves and uses its own weight to train the muscles. First, you will see results on legs, then you will have a flatter belly and the last part that will see some change is the upper part. Ladies can try rope jumping. This exercise is healthy for both adults and children(especially because it’s fun and challenging). In time, increase the time when you practice jumping.

Mountain climbing – Weight Loss Exercises

Climbing on mountains is a tough sport and can only be done by a few. It has plenty risks and it can even cause death. If you think you would like it, then first find a center where they teach you how to climb. It is a real passion for those who practice it and with passion also comes a great body and tons of hours spent working out.

Cycling – Weight Loss Exercises

If you are able to do cycling then you can try this exercise by doing it every day early in the morning. After few days you can also increase the distance that you have done already on the previous day. Cycling can also be done in a gym or outside, in a park or on a mountain. Usually, the bicycles from gyms are used for the warm-up before the actual workout. If you want to cycle on a mountain, then you might need special equipment, like a bicycle that can handle all types of terrains and a helmet.

Long Jump – Weight Loss Exercises

Has been a sport at the Olympics since the beginning. It requires body muscles and lots of training and may result in injuries if not done properly. You must excel at speed and power in your legs to execute the jumping. Once you have all this, you can exercise it alone or with your friends. Make a competition, see who jumps longer.

Pull Ups – Weight Loss Exercises

Men can also try to do pull-ups to shape their body. In your first day, start with a small number, then increase over time. You will need to have your arm muscles developed before trying to accomplish a high number of workouts. You will have to pull all your body up and that requires a lot of strength.

Burpees – Weight Loss Exercises

Even though this exercise is very difficult for beginners, over the time, you will find it entertaining. It increases your stamina, it builds muscles and it burns fat. The quicker you will do the burpees, the effect is stronger and you will sweat more. Results in weight loss will come in almost 1 week if you will do 10 series of them every day.

Tuck Jumps – Weight Loss Exercises

It’s like jumping, but harder. Once you’ve grown bored of the old habit of jumping, you can try tuck jumps. Bringing your knees to your chest while you jump for extra strength. Be careful not to fall when you jump. For a beginner, 2 series of 10 exercises would suffice.

Running – Weight Loss Exercise

Running is the oldest and simplest method to get rid of unwanted for. If you don’t have a park or a forest nearby, you can go to a gym to run on a treadmill, but it’s never the same. Clean air and landscapes can’t be replaced with the look of people working out, but at the gym it may be more of a workout area, making you more ambitious.

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