Enjoy your morning coffee, but don`t drink it hot

Enjoy your coffee in the morning as it is cancer free, but don’t drink it hot!

Most people can’t even imagine starting their day off without a cup of that miracle, a pitch black drink called coffee. Even though largely used on a wide scale all over the world, coffee has started many controversies over the time.

Lately, people seem to be separated by their convictions and divides in two opposite sides: those who praise it and can’t live without it and those who are weary about its possible harmful effects on the body and thus, don’t even want to hear about it.

Almost 25 years ago today, the World Health Organization also known as WHO issued a historic public warning about coffee. In that statement, a direct connection was made between constant consumption of caffeine and cancer.

This news was a stunning hit for everyone. The coffee warning statement traveled the world lightning fast, making a lot of people reconsider their daily habits and drink their favorite beverage with a heavy heart.

Recent studies, however, seem to contradict the WHO’s old statement. Per the scientific world’s latest discoveries, both herbal tea and caffeine seem to be quite inoffensive and are consequently being taken off the hook.

This means that from now on, you can enjoy your daily dose of caffeine without having dark thoughts about the future of your health.  As a  concretization of the scientific world’s recent change of heart in regards to caffeine usage, the scientists and researchers of WHO recently released a statement confirming that in light of more recent results they have changed their minds about the dangers of long-term coffee drinking.

The released statement says quite clearly that neither coffee nor tea should be labeled as carcinogenic as long as they are drinking at optimal, reasonable temperatures.

Blame the temperature, not the drink

After so many years, during which people have second-guessed each cup of coffee, which they had consumed, this good news comes in the form of a blessing.

This otherwise surprising change of heart comes as a result of various, extensive scientific studies which have revealed that drinking caffeine presents zero risks of developing bladder cancer or any other type of cancer for that matter.

Even though we share your enthusiasm in regards to this piece of news, don’t just run for the coffee pot yet, and that’s because the researchers around the world are not yet ready to reach the same conclusion when it comes to the consumption of very hot beverages.

Based on the latest news, it appears that scientist still thinks that there is a huge risk of developing cancer of the esophagus when extremely hot drinks are constantly included in our daily routine.

A team of 23 scientists from the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has studied the findings of more than 1.000 medical and scientific studies regarding the link between taking your daily dose of caffeine from this delicious drink called coffee and developing the terrible disease commonly known as cancer.

The results were clear: there is no indication whatsoever that coffee is favoring the development of cancerous cells in our body. As all the scientists have recently come to the same conclusion, the World Health Organization had no alternative but to admit they had been wrong when issuing a warning statement of coffee and labeling it as being carcinogenic two decades ago.

Following that, they have started to reassure the public by convincing them that there is no evidence of the fact that drinking coffee might lead to carcinogenicity. This news is like a breath of fresh air for all the coffee lovers all over the world.

With coffee being the globe’s 2nd most valuable and most traded commodities, this change is official news is considered to be great news for all billions, which love to enjoy their cups of coffee. Statistics show that in the USA, coffee is more popular than tap water, with 54% of the population favoring this rich and flavored beverage.

In 2015 alone, the population of the United States bought coffee worth of 74.2 billion dollars. The industry of coffee is extremely popular worldwide as only in 2014 more than 150 million kilograms of coffee were grounded, packed and sold all over the world.

So if you are a coffee lover, no matter what type of blend and brand you are a fan of, you can rest assured that you are an active part of the biggest existing worldwide community.

Still unclear how hot is too hot

From now on, anyone can enjoy their favorite drink without having to think about the consequences and the worst case scenarios which might arise from it. That unless the drink is extremely hot, of course. The official statement does not include any further details regarding how hot is extremely or too hot.

However, what we already know is that the normal serving temperature of the fresh-made coffee is around 65 degrees Celsius. Don’t panic thinking that if you heat the coffee, it suddenly becomes a certain source for cancer.

The scientists think that only when you constantly sip on very hot drinks and make a habit of this, might on your throat appear different formations and tumors. This is simply a concern expressed by researchers, as the evidence to sustain this affirmation are still too limited for them to make definite statements.

Christopher Wild, the director of IARC, clarified the issue,  stating that it is not the coffee itself that is now considered to be a probable cause of esophageal cancer, but the heat of the beverage itself. Right now it seems that the temperature of the drink is to blame for some of the diagnosed cases of throat cancer.

We all know that to make a good cup of coffee, the water’s temperature must rise very high, getting very close to the boiling point. The optimum water temperature for a delicious cup of coffee must be between 90.5 and 96 degrees Celsius.

Of course, no one can drink anything that hot. So, when served the temperature had normally, already been drastically reduced. The temperature that makes the coffee a pleasant and comfortable to drink is different from one person to another.

However, one thing which binds coffee lovers across borders and cultures is that nobody insists on getting their tongue burned first thing in the morning. As a general rule, do not take the cup bottom up, but first, take one small sip and if it is too hot, wait a few more minutes until it reaches the normal, optimal temperature for you. Then feel free to enjoy your cup of coffee and start off your day in a good mood!

So coffee is not bad, but is it good?

That in itself is a much debated, hot topic. The World Health Organization’s public statement was limited to admitting they were wrong and in limited amounts, coffee is good for one’s health. Still, they made no other detailed statements about the other benefits that a daily cup of coffee could have on our health, preferring to be reserved in their affirmations.

Fortunately, other institutes did not lose sight of these details and went so far as to point clearly out that in addition to the fact that drinking caffeine does not mean that you are putting yourself at risk of developing getting cancer, it also prevents developing several types of cancerous disease.

Over the years, more than a thousand studies were conducted on the connection between coffee and cancer. Even though the first ones might have hinted there is a connection, the most recent ones which were better designed and documented, have surprisingly proved the opposite: Coffee prevents the growth of many types of cancerous cells.

And the benefits don’t stop here. Just this year, the British researchers from the University of Southampton concluded at the end of a study that coffee has a considerable positive effect on the liver as well, by helping to prevent certain diseases.

Based on data gathered from 430.000 individuals, the scientists reached the conclusion that by drinking two cups of coffee on daily bases the risk of developing liver diseases is reduced by 44%.

It is important for everyone to understand that these results are not final as further studies are still undergoing. Even though many tests and studies were conducted, the results are still to be confirmed by reality.

The benefits of drinking coffee could be the result of the general wish in finding something good in a daily habit that the majority of the globe’s population enjoys. For the moment, we don’t have to worry that we drink a substance which is causing cancer with a cup every day.

However, a small dose of skepticism is welcomed regarding the overall benefits and dangers of consuming too much caffeine just like everything else. Further studies might find more benefits for this drink, but those already addicted to this drink, don’t need any more excuses to continue with their habit other than the fact that it tastes delicious, and it is a great source of energy.

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