Health Benefits of Linoleic Acid

What Oils Contain Linoleic Acid?

If currently, you have been actively searching for a good dietary supplement, then you must have heard about dietary supplements that contain linoleic acid. These supplements have received so many positive reviews from various health websites, health experts as well as from their users. With this success, linoleic acid became so popular and considered to be one of the best dietary supplements today. Most dietary supplement products in the market that contain linoleic acid usually come in a form of oil. So what oils contain linoleic acid? Let’s find out.

Linoleic acid for weight loss

Health experts have started to see the effectiveness of linoleic acid in fighting obesity since the 1980s. However, it’s not just a regular linoleic acid, but conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. This substance has been researched for its health benefits since the 1970s, but mostly to fight dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and many others, but most studies were focusing on cancer. After the late 1980s, most research on CLA was conducted to see its effectiveness for weight loss.

There have been so many experiments with live animals and even controlled experiments on people to find out whether CLA could be a perfect weight loss supplement or not. The results were surprisingly great, most of the test subjects managed to lose weight quickly and safely. Currently, a lot more research and studies are still conducted on CLA and a lot of new things have been found that even increase the potentials of CLA for weight loss and overall health.

Conjugated linoleic acid mostly can be found in animal-based products, like meat and dairy products, from animals like sheep, cattle, goat, and yak. The usually higher content of CLA can be found in animals that are grass-fed rather than those that are grain-fed. But animal-based products are not the only source of CLA, in fact, in recent years the researchers found that the best source of CLA is actually the plant-based products, especially from safflower and sunflower. Between the two, safflower is the richer source of CLA and also purer.

The safflower is extracted to create safflower oil, and then through a natural process, CLA will be made from the oil. CLA Safflower Oil is now in very high demand because it’s really effective in helping people getting rid of excess weight quickly and safely.

How it works for weight loss

CLA Safflower Oil is considered a “smart” dietary supplement, because not only it could break down fat effectively, but it could also help maintain the ideal weight, plus increasing muscle mass, here is how it works in weight loss:

Increasing metabolic rate – Metabolism is really vital in weight loss process when you can keep your metabolic rate high, the more pounds you can shed. CLA Safflower Oil can boost your metabolic rate, it will be like when you are exercising or doing some heavy activities. The Higher metabolic rate will signify your body system that you currently need more energy, so it will then look for “fuel” in energy sources inside your body. Ideally, your body will use fat deposits as energy sources, as you keep your metabolism rate high, your body will turn your fat deposits into energy.

Optimizing fat burning process – Boosting metabolic rate is effective for weight loss, but it may not be too effective if your body only uses carbohydrates for energy. You need to direct your body into using your fat deposits to provide more energy. CLA, when absorbed by the body, will interact with hormones that are in charge of the fat burning process. Stimulating these hormones will make the fat burning process more efficient and faster. That’s why you can experience rapid weight loss when taking the CLA Safflower Oil.

Suppressing your appetite – Rapid fat burning when combined with fewer calories intake will create an effective weight loss process. A lot of people failed to lose weight even though they have exercised regularly and take all kinds of supplements because they cannot change their unhealthy eating habit while following a strict diet is just too difficult for most people. CLA Safflower Oil can suppress your appetite, so that means your body will feel satisfied by consuming much less food than usual. This will make sure that you consume fewer calories so you will not gain back the weight you have lost.

Maintaining high energy level – Even though you eat much less than usual, you don’t have to worry because you will still have enough energy to do all your normal activities. That’s because CLA can also boost your energy, and this is also important for weight loss. Many people who take dietary supplements don’t work out because they say that they are too busy and too tired to workout after working all day all week. But with extra energy, you will be able to workout and maximize your fat loss process.

Increasing muscle mass – This completes the whole benefits of conjugated linoleic acid. This supplement doesn’t simply help you lose weight but also help to shape your body with more muscles. If you can combine it with regular workout, you will definitely turn your body from flab to fabulous.

Other health benefits of CLA Safflower Oil

Not only effective for weight loss, CLA Safflower Oil supplement also has many more health benefits, including:

High blood pressure – many studies have shown that conjugated linoleic acid could help to lower blood pressure when used with ramipril on people who suffer from hypertension.

Diabetes – There is some evidence that when CLA is taken before and after a meal, it could lower blood sugar level.

Hair loss – CLA also can help strengthening hair and stimulate hair growth. Some new hair loss products today are known to contain conjugated linoleic acid.

Vitamin E – Conjugated linoleic acid can help to fight vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E is very important for skin health as well as for hair growth. By taking CLA regularly, your pores will become smaller and your skin will be smoother. Protection Status
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