Holly Willoughby Weight Loss 2018

Holly Willoughby Review

If you are a fan of daytime TV, you will certainly know who Holly Willoughby is. The co-presenter of the TV show “This Morning” with Philip Scofield dramatic weight loss has been a big topic for months now. Most people are wondering how the 37-year-old presenter ditched her iconic signature curves for a more slimmed-down figure.

Holly is well-known for her curves throughout her 12-years in the spotlight. She started as a lingerie model before switching career as a TV presenter and becoming a national TV sweetheart. Apart from being a TV sweetheart, many of her fans see Holly as their role model when it comes to fashion.

Holly’s incredible weight-loss transformations in recent months have left her fans amazed. In fact, most of her fans for months have been asking what is the secret behind’s Holly’s transformation. She caught the attention of her fans after she shared a photo of herself in a figure-hugging white dress. She also shared a side-by-side throwback and recent picture which instantly got more than 260,000 likes within few hours.

Instantly, fans wanted answers. There were so many speculations about her diet and exercise. Some speculated she must have eaten a lot of vegetables while others believed she used intensive exercise techniques. One of such people who claimed to be an insider said “‘Holly does eat fish and occasionally chicken but it’s mainly veggies. She watches her carbs and is conscious not to overload on the bad stuff.” He went further to say that Holly also loves kickboxing.

However, Holly refused to share her secret with her amazing transformation. When quizzed further, she said she is keeping the secret to herself because she does not want to encourage eating disorders.

Holly Willoughby weight loss Secret Revealed

After months of speculation, we have finally figured out what her secret is. Below is what we can say about Holly’s weight loss in recent months.

Holly Willoughby Diet

The mother of 3 who has previously described herself as a ‘curvy girl” started her weight loss journey after welcoming her third child. Information available to us showed that she kick-started a new fitness and diet regime.

According to an insider, Holly gained her new look by eating a low-carb diet that contains fish and chicken and a lot of vegetables.  Although no name was given to Holly’s diet, most people believed that her diet has a lot in similar to keto diet which is known to be a low-carb, high-fat diet. Keto diet is also known to lead to quick and efficient weight loss. We cannot definitely say that Holly made use of Keto diet in gaining her new look but we can say for sure that the diet explained by the insider looks a lot like keto. However, there are other diets that share similar features. You can read up on Keto diet to see the features of this diet and the similarities between the diet and the one Holly used.

Holly Willoughby Exercise

Of course, diet alone is not enough to lose weight especially when you want to lose weight fast. In Holly’s case, it is obvious that she not only made use of diet but also combined it with exercise to gain that hot body within a couple of months.

Last year – Lynne Robinson, the London-based director of Body Control Pilates, confirmed that she has been working with the TV star and she achieved her new body with Pilates which helped tone up her physique.

According to Lynne, she worked with Holly, teacher her privately at her home in London every week. She went further to reveal that the 37-year old mother of 3 had postnatal mat work classes that concentrated on strengthening and toning her core. Other sources close to the TV Star also revealed that apart from her Pilates classes, Holly has also taken up kickboxing in order to keep the pounds off.

The insider revealed that she has a kickbox bag in her private workout room. According to the insider, you can expect to burn about 500-600 calories in just an hour of “boxercise”. However, this will greatly depend on your fitness levels. He went on to say that kickboxing is a great exercise which benefits can be felt in every part of the body. This is because it not only incorporates shoulder and arm work but allows you to do lunges, squats, and abs work out as well. He concluded by affirming that kickboxing is indeed a great fat burner. We believed that the combination of these diets and exercises mentioned above is how Holly got her new body.

It should, however, be noted that Holly has never confirmed nor denied these speculations. She said that she will never discuss her weight loss tips because she has interviewed so many people affected by eating disorders and wouldn’t want to cause one.

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