Irritable Bowel Syndrome from A to Z

Before the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) we have probiotics

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: The facts are easy to get. Any imbalance occurring among the good and the bad bacteria in the gut region will eventually lead to health problems and IBS is among the most encountered among the general population. In the US among the number of those fighting it represents approximately 20% of the total, which can give you a general view of how serious the problem is.

Now, we mentioned probiotics for one particular reason: understanding the irritable bowel syndrome and its causes. The good bacterial mass present in the gut region is responsible for optimizing the digestive process and there are plenty of things that could throw it off balance.

Among the most common is the use of antibiotics, especially on a long term, even when it is not necessary. As a result, every living organism in the digestive tract will be annihilated and that is when it opens the path to whole new different affections.

The irritable bowel syndrome is one of them and it is a particularly dangerous one, especially when considering the symptoms it carries with it. Among these, we have to mention: severe diarrhea or constipation, intense abdominal pain, gasses, nausea and frequent stools. And these are just some of them, because, depending on each individual, other symptoms may appear, such as fever and vomiting.

What are the exact causes?

Here is where it gets interesting. As far as we can tell, the specialists still have not discovered any clear causes for the irritable bowel syndrome, in the sense that the researchers have failed to pinpoint a specific trigger. This is interesting indeed for a health affection that can be encountered in almost a quarter of the US population.

Even more interesting is the fact that, despite being such a common health problem, irritable bowel syndrome still has no cure for the time being. Various researchers are looking into it, but as for now, most of the population is basically defenseless against it.

However, there is some good news in all this. Even though we still have no clear explanation regarding the actual causes for its appearance, scientists have identified the factors that could lead to it. Indeed, there are specific irritable bowel syndrome factors that promote the affection and contribute to its development over the course of time.

While some of these causes are totally our fault, because of the poor lifestyle choices we make, the others are completely out of our ability to prevent them, which makes it that much more dangerous. But let’s have a look at some of the most common irritable bowel syndrome factors, known to play a major role in determining the appearance of the affection:

The abuse of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco

All of these 3 products have a disastrous effect on our bodies, especially on our bacterial mass, by creating a toxic environment in which they cannot thrive. This means that both the good and the bad bacteria will be destroyed, which in the end will affect your health considerably.

Although this fact does not necessary trigger the irritable bowel syndrome, it plays a major role in bringing you closer to it and it is among the factors that weight the most in this regard. You might want to bring some changes in this regard if you want to keep your digestive system in a pristine condition.

Abusing antibiotics

Again, this is not what triggers the affection itself, but it prepares the breeding ground. Those people who use antibiotics for any infection, no matter how small, are those who present the highest risk of contracting the irritable bowel syndrome and the problems do not stop here. Their health is endangered even more by the fact that all the good bacterial mass is being destroyed.

This is one of the reasons doctors either avoid prescribing antibiotics when it is obviously not the case or immediately prescribes probiotic supplements to go hand in hand with them. In that case, the supplements are meant to restore the intestinal flora and aid by protecting the body against the incoming harmful pathogens.

A poor lifestyle

This means you fail to meet the specialists’ requirements in regard to getting enough rest, among other things. Not getting enough sleep could backfire quite fast, because studies have linked poor sleeping habits to a drop in the immune response. In other words, those who do not have sufficient sleep hours tend to be more vulnerable to infections and all types of health problems.

In the same manner, their lack of proper sleep has been linked to a predisposition to contract cold or flu and even an increased likelihood of encountering the irritable bowel syndrome.

Genetic behavior

This one goes beyond your capability to control it and it is among the factors that influence the appearance and the development of the irritable bowel syndrome despite your lifestyle choices. Sure, those will still play a major role in defining your health, but it will not do you too much good when you have a genetically weaker immune system.

High levels of stress

Not only that stress and anxiety contribute to the appearance of the irritable bowel syndrome, but they also tend to weaken the organism quite considerably, from an immune stance. Those who are constantly stressed or depressed have a hard time remaining protected, even against some of the most harmless health affections.

It is a big enough problem that depression and chronic anxiety are damaging within themselves, it is a whole different level that they can also trigger the irritable bowel syndrome as a bonus.

Various food intolerances and allergies

A lot of Americans suffer from food intolerances and even food allergies and what is even worse is that many of them have no idea. Although specialists have not found the conclusive link between food allergies and the mechanisms triggering irritable bowel syndrome, the evidence is clear enough to support the claim that the link exists.

The regular consumption of fructose

According to several studies, not only that the regular consumption of fructose triggered the irritable bowel syndrome, but it even worsens the symptoms after the affection settled in, which is a whole new level of danger.

As shown, the problems usually occur due to the harmful lifestyle choices but are not strictly resumed to that. What matters is for you to take measures of the first symptoms that something is going haywire. Protection Status
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