Late night eating and weight loss

It’s like magic how our organism asks for food at night, it’s like it wants us to gain weight. Most of the foods that cross our minds late at night are just unhealthy in every way and full of calories. Although any doctor recommends not to eat at night and to only eat a light dinner, there are few tricks that may help the body lose weight even if you snuck out of bed at 3 am for a snack.

According to doctors, late night eating has several causes:

Stress related: a person (no matter its gender or age) can be affected by stress at any time of their life, which can bring their mood down and make them feel like they can only have some happiness in eating at the most inappropriate times. The hunger will persist (it isn’t exactly pure hunger, just the brain’s ability to transmit the feeling to deceive you) and you will gain weight as soon as stress steps into your life.

To solve the problem: try to find the source of the stress and eliminate it. Improve your daily mood by having more time for yourself and for your hobbies, without neglecting your responsibilities. Take days off if you need to solve your things out and if you have the time, the money and the energy, take an energetic holiday, where you have to explore mountain and experience new things.

Your mind will be focused on the present and you will leave all worries away and our brain won’t seek ut food to bring some happiness. You will be so tired at night after exploring that you won’t even think of eating.

Cravings: they appear suddenly either when you see something that looks delicious or can be caused as a hormonal unbalance (this often happens for ladies, they are more prone to hormonal issues than men). At certain periods of the month or just in the heat of the moment, a craving can make you eat a chocolate in the middle of the night.

The only time cravings are allowed is when a lady is pregnant because her body asks for what she needs. This time, the cravings may even be healthy for her, because it is not necessary that she asks for unhealthy food, but for all sorts of food. Some crave food that was never present in their lives, but the baby inside changes everything, even matters of taste.

How to solve the problem: cravings appear at night because that is the time of the day when the body is the most awake (even if you feel sleepy), so the brain asks for a last snack before going to bed. It is wrong to listen to your brain and you should ignore the craving as much as you can. Try to drink a glass a water.

Arriving too late at home from work: working too much has a direct impact on your life and weight. Coming home after 8 PM it is already a flaw in the system. Most of us who do that want to work extra hours for some more cash, but we don’t see the effects this extra time has on us. When you arrive at that hour, you go straight to the fridge and you don’t care what are you eating because you are starving. Immediately after that, let’s say you spend maximum 1h relaxing, then you go to bed.

Solving the problem: stop working that late, if it is necessary, then wake up earlier in the morning so you can fulfill the requests from your boss or change your job if you think you can’t settle an agreement with your company. People that work from home have a tendency to schedule their duties as they wish, so they have more time for them.

The big step is understanding the problem and finding a solution for it. If you know you will be home too late, try to eat in town or at your office. You need to have some hours with no eating before going to bed. Fix your daily program, so you will be able to afford all things.

Insomnia: some of us have too much energy while trying to sleep, so insomnia appears and makes us get up of bed and go search for things to do in the house. There is a high chance that we hit the fridge in the first 10 minutes. Another cause for insomnia is unknown, it appears even when we are tired, but somehow we can’t sleep and our brain thinks of all the possible things.

So, basically, insomnia makes us eat of out boredom because there aren’t many things to do at night. How to fix this: consume more energy during the day. Fill your day with all sorts of activities that will drain you, so that when you reach for your bed, you will be tired and only sleep can help you.

If this trick doesn’t work, and as mentioned above, your brain won’t let you sleep, then go for a walk (the colder the weather, the better) or make some exercises in your own home. Do anything but eat. Kill the boredom and chill your thoughts by doing a bit of yoga or just meditate for 5 minutes. A little trick is to imagine some waves hitting the shore.

Losing weight while eating late is a myth?

Every nutritionist confirms that eating late doesn’t bring any benefit to the body, recommending their patients to eat dinner at 6 or 7 PM. According to WebMD, it’s been years since a well-known nutritionist, Adele Davis gave an advice for all humanity: “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.

In less sophisticated words, breakfast should be the meal where you can eat whatever you like (even chocolate; it is actually recommended to eat chocolate in the morning because it slows down the growing old process), in what quantities you like, because the body will burn these calories throughout the whole day. The breakfast should be consistent and should provide you the energy for everything. At lunch, you should eat modestly, meaning that you don’t have to get up from the table with the satiety sensation.

At lunch, you must combine 1 or 2 different kinds of food that go well together. Some recommend 2 courses at lunch, but that is up to you. The dinner should be eaten like a beggar. The least, the better and you must exclude any fatty foods or sugar. Now, the myth that says dinner should be eaten at maximum 7 PM has been destroyed, meaning you can still eat later and also, lose weight. It is not important at what hour you eat lunch if there are 4 h distance to the moment when you go to bed. So, if you usually go to bed at 4 AM in the morning, you can eat dinner at 12 AM (which, according to us, it is late night eating).

Most diets fail because of the same reason. The doctor recommends last meal at 6-7 at night and until that person goes to bed, there are far more than 4 hours passing. It is normal for the organism to feel hungry late in the night because too much time has passed since the last meal.

So, even if they keep the regime throughout the whole day, they will just ruin it at night, when all calories count and all transform in fats. Also, no one chooses to eat some light foods late in the night. They will all choose something ready to eat and tasty, which usually are chips or chocolate. Even if you can’t resist the urge of eating at improper hours, choose to minimize the quantities, to just a piece of chocolate or a cereal bar.

The effects of late-night eating are easy to be observed and the most obvious effects are the weight gain one. Among these effects, we can include:

  • Bad night sleep: eating consistent foods before going to bed might give you bad dreams and even stomach aches. Your organism is trying to dissolve the food and extract the nutrients from it, while you are sleeping. The resting time should be only for resting, that’s why the body does a great effort to process the food and that is why, sometimes, our sub continent gives us bad dreams to warn us. Besides nightmares, your body temperature might change, you may feel suffocated and you will have a restless sleep. Insomnia may also be a cause of this.

  • More fats than muscles: eating late at night makes our organism transform everything into fat deposits, which means all our arteries and organs will soon be surrounded by fat and our bad cholesterol will grow. With time, that can lead to serious heart (and not only) diseases. Being overweight is more important for your health than for your appearance. That late night extra calories are not welcomed.

  • Fatigue: due to the stomach processing food, you might not be able to rest well or you will fall asleep hard. No matter which one is happening (sometimes both) the organism has a lack of energy. If you don’t recuperate the amount of energy during the day, you will experience some discomfort in solving problems. Lack of sleep has a major impact on the body just after 1 or 2 nights. Imagine what it can do more than that.

Few tips and tricks on how to eat late and still lose weight

The first tip is to accommodate your daily routine so that you will eat in the interval of 12 hours per day. So, set your breakfast at what hour you wake up and make sure the last meal is within 12 hours. If we make a little calculus, we have those 12 hours plus 4 hours when you don’t need to eat anything before bed and 8 hours for sleeping. That way, you ensure your body a strictly routine that will get it accustomed. Not long after that, your body will start losing weight.

Secondly, choose to divide your calories, so that on the dinner, you will have the least calories. Make a daily plan that allows you to eat only 10% of the calories at dinner (that means approx 200 calories). Search on the internet what can you eat for dinner that only contain that caloric value and don’t try to eat more than you should. For example, you can eat a yogurt or a fruit or some special foods made for diets that can’t contain more than 100 calories, like a cereal bar. Learn which foods can be eaten for dinner and which not.

Don’t go and eat in front of the TV or computer with a bowl of snacks. That is how you will raise your caloric intake. Most of us have the tendency to be captivated by a TV show and to not realize what (and how much) are we actually eating the whole time. When you eat, take your time and don’t rush yourself, because in 15 mins the satiety sensation occurs. So, the more time you take while eating, the fewer calories you will ingest.

But when you are paying attention to something else, instead of on the meal, you have the tendency to eat more and fast. Even if you are watching a movie late in the night and you feel the need to eat some snacks during it (like popcorn, for example). It is recommended to stay in the kitchen or in the dining room (even if you are eating alone) at the table and enjoy your meal in peace.

Chewing the food more than usual helps to burn the calories (in a small amount, but still can give you a little help).

What’s the most important thing is to take care of what are you eating and to never skip breakfast. Staying hydrated helps your sweating glands to eliminate toxins and fats. A healthy lifestyle is all an organism needs. Protection Status
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