Lose Weight By Controlling Your Brain

Can you use your mind to lose weight?

Our brain is a powerful machine. In fact, we can achieve a lot of things only if we know how to control our brain. Scientists believe that a man can be successful not just because we have born intelligent or born to a rich family, instead, because he mastered his body and learned how to control the brain.

Even the ancients believe that the power of achieving success including weight loss lies on how we are able to control the brain and what goes inside the mind. Have you not seen people who eat too much but stay lean? Yes, this is completely possible.

Your brain is one of the biggest obstacles towards losing weight. Everything we do is influenced by the brain. How we feel, talk, eat, and reach will determine whether you gain weight or not.

The fact remains that the power to lose weight is in your hands and not in the hands of supplements and diets sell by people in the weight-loss industry. These people want to make money, so they make you feel guilty about your weight and continue to sell weight loss methods that will never work for you. In most cases, when one of these programs fails, you will blame yourself, feel bad, and switch over to the next available weight-loss diet.

When it comes to losing weight, we have more power than we think. With just the right mentality, you can be able to break down the jinx holding you back from losing weight. However, this won’t be easy. But anyone can leverage the techniques suggested in this article to lose weight.

In this article, we will explain the roles our brain play in weight loss and how you can be able to manipulate it in order to achieve success.

Why Do We Eat?

This may sound like such a silly question. On a first thought, it is very easy to conclude that we eat because of various reasons. The reason why we eat maybe because we are bored, feel hungry, celebrating, because it is time to eat or because someone offered us food and we are just trying to be polite by eating.

What you may not know is that in most cases, outside factors determine what we eat, the amount of the food we eat and even when we eat. Some of these factors which are more obvious include eating because people around us are eating. However, there are tons of other less obvious outside factors that increase our appetite. For instance, having a bigger plate can make you eat the bigger amount of food. Even the color contrast between the food you are eating and your food can influence the amount of food you eat.  According to a study, if you want to eat less without going hungry, you don’t necessarily need to control your hunger. Instead, you will need to control things around that are unrelated to your hunger.

Below, you will discover some reasons why your brain will trick you into overeating. We also provide a solution on how you can easily counteract these tricks.

  • The Brain Response To the Sight of Food

Normally, the brain will like to eat what it sees. When you keep a lot of foods on your desk, your brain will desire those foods. A good way to control what you eat is by putting away every food on your table leaving only the healthiest foods.

In a workplace, if you have a lot of baked goods in the break room, make sure you stay away from the room. You put yourself into the temptation of overeating when you sight those foods. Avoid sitting where you will see other people eating. When you do, your brain will normalize this behavior and you will desire to eat like them too.

  • Focus On Your Food

You may be overeating because you are distracted when you are eating. Most of us love eating in the front of the TV. Of course, the side effect is that it will take your brain a lot of time to get the gratification that it needs.

Again, avoid working while you eat. If you must work, don’t eat and if you must eat, don’t work; doing so will result in overeating. Stay away from the TV and pay attention to the food you are eating. If you are distracted when you are eating, you will definitely overeat and this will cause weight gain.

  • Brain Impulsive Reaction To Foods

One common factor with animals is that they eat whenever they see foods. This phenomenon explains that the brain is the impulsive reaction when it comes to food. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that we as human are very different from animals. On the contrary, our brain is evolutionarily hardwired the same way.

Assuming you see yourself at a social event where food is served, your brain will automatically assume that you need to eat.

Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to counteract this impulsive reaction of the brain. According to a study, you will tend to crave for less food when your back is turned to the food. Again, you will eat less the farther away you sit from the buffet. Finally, you will eat less if you wait longer before you start eating or if you look at every food available before you start eating.

There are a lot of weight loss techniques. However, experts believed that the most powerful technique for losing weight is when you exercise extraordinary willpower. Your weight loss plan will most likely succeed if you exercise this type of willpower. You don’t need to go on any diet except you have developed the right mindset necessary for losing weight.

Moreover, losing weight isn’t just about diets alone. When you want to lose weight, you will need a supplement such as CLA Safflower Oil for weight loss known for its effectiveness when it comes to burning fat fast. But before you adopt any weight loss technique, the first thing you will need to do is adopt the right mindset.

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