Low Carb vs Low Fat Diets for Weight Loss

Is a low carb diet better than a low-calorie diet?

There is a debate as to whether low carb or low-fat diets are best. Both have proven to be promising and offer alternative health benefits.

Both low carb and low-fat diets have undergone extensive studies to see which is best for weight loss. They were also evaluated to see which is best for general health too. Blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol were taken into account too. While both diets have good points, neither has far outweighed the other.

Results of the Studies

Studies showed that low carb diets did not cut as much body fat as low-fat diets did. This isn’t to say that low-fat diets are the better option.

Cutting carbs out of a diet is good for lowering insulin levels. This is great news for diabetics and helps produce weight loss. When insulin levels lessen, body fat releases.

Low-fat diets that involve lowering calories do however manage to cut more body fat. The results of the studies involved people who followed either diet in a strict manner. The food they ate was low-calorie foods that contained either fewer carbs or fat. Both groups spent an hour per day exercising.

Studies revealed that more people suffered disease and early death from high carb diets than those who ate high-fat diets. It was always believed that diets high in fats were the major cause of heart disease. The truth is that carbs are possibly more unhealthy than fats and are the bigger culprit.

The Truth about Low Fat Diets

The truth about fats is that there are healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Too much unhealthy fat in a diet can lead to obesity, clogged arteries, heart disease and stroke. Fat is not the only food type to cause these diseases though.

On the other hand, too little of the healthy fats in a diet can be just as unhealthy. The best way to follow a low-fat diet and get the true benefits from it is to eat the right fats. This includes the right amount of fats.

Avocados and nuts are just some examples of healthy fats that should not be removed from a diet. Other types of fats such as oil can be replaced with healthier options.

Safflower oil is one such example where a healthier oil is better. This is a great oil for cooking and tossing a salad. There are many health benefits that come from CLA Safflower oil that include weight loss.

Health Benefits from Healthy Fats

Healthy fats taken in moderation have many benefits that offer general health. They can promote a healthy glowing skin and make hair stronger and shinier.

Additionally, healthy fats such as CLA Safflower oil are packed full of Omega-rich acids. These are vital for healthy weight loss.

CLA Safflower oil has an additional benefit of being a great help to women suffering from PMS. It is also beneficial for the immune system which it gives a great boost. A healthy and strong immune system is vital for overall well-being.

The Importance of Low Carb Diets

While low-fat diet may work faster in dropping the weight, low carb diets are important. Healthy fats have many extra benefits but carbs tend to have much less. Carbs are found in foods like bread and pasta. These types of food may have some nutrients but they are full of energy.

Energy from carbs that are not worked out in intensive physical activity pack on the weight. Carbs are one of the biggest weight gaining culprits. The lack of nutritional value also leads to increased chances of disease. Diabetes and heart-related diseases are preventable when cutting out carbs.

Why Carbs Are Bad

When heart diseases; diabetes and obesity were first linked to fatty foods, people reduced their intake. Food manufacturers began producing foods low in fat. They replaced the fat with carbs which are now proven to be unhealthy too.

The reason for this is because carbs are stored in the body as glucose. This results in raised blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels are a huge contributing factor to diabetes and obesity. Both conditions are a major cause of various heart diseases.

Which is the Better Diet

Europe and North America have the highest fat consumption. This is where studies were first conducted that proved high-fat diets were the leading cause of heart disease. In areas of the world where high-fat diets reign cutting fats from diets can help prevent heart disease. This is only if the fats are not replaced with carbs.

High carb diets reign in other areas of the world. Places like China, South Asia, and Africa tend to consume higher amounts of carbs. It is in these parts of the world that cutting down on carb intake would be the better option. Cutting down the carbs can come with an increase in fat consumption but preferably only healthy fats.

The Conclusion

For the most part, both diets are beneficial and have their positive attributes. Choosing which option is better depends on the individual. If either carbs or fats are already high in a person’s diet, it is best to lower the intake.

The bonus is that fats have healthy options that are beneficial for health purposes. Carbs do not really have any positive attributes. Carbs do not satiate an appetite and cause overeating. Carbs consumed in moderation is acceptable but for major weight loss to occur, it is best to consider cutting them out drastically.

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