What to expect while using PhenQ in the next three months

PhenQ Customer Results

You have just bought your first PhenQ bottle. You have read all the life changing reviews from people who have been in your shoes before and have had incredible success with the product. You are very eager to start your path to health but at the same time, still pensive and cautious about how the results will turn out. You don’t have to be scared or worried about what to expect after starting PhenQ intake. Here is a low down of what to expect for the first three months after you start using the supplement.

PhenQ – Day 1-15

Immediately you start using PhenQ, you will notice that your mood will be enhanced greatly. Your body will start adapting to the supplement by increasing your energy levels dramatically. Also, PhenQ has hunger suppressing qualities which mean you will now have fewer cravings for those foods –like carbs – that made you unhealthy. Eating less will inevitably release feel-good hormones to your body that will give you the impression that you are actually gaining huge steps in your weight reduction. By the end of the first two weeks, expect to lose up to eight pounds if you stick to the routine. This will really boost your psychological strength because you will feel like you are actually going somewhere.

PhenQ – Day 16-30

By the 16th day, your cravings will have almost disappeared and your body will have been accustomed to the PhenQ and the new regime. However, this period is very critical because it is at this point that you must vigorously engage in working out. Working out goes very well with the supplement so make sure you always engage in exercises for best results. Also make sure that you eat healthy, especially foods and vegetables. Expect to lose about 6-8 pounds during this time.

PhenQ – Day 31-60

It is at this phase that you will really notice that you have shed weight, and made tremendous progress. You will notice that you can now fit into your old clothes quite comfortably now. It is at this time that it would be prudent for you to join a gym in order to get professional workout advice. Make sure you explain every part of your journey to a qualified gym instructor who will recommend the best workout routines for you. Gyms usually have nutritionists and most of the time; they even have knowledge of PhenQ, so always ask for assistance. With proper guidance and adherence to your routine, you should lose a whopping 17-20 pounds.

PhenQ – Day 61-90

By now, you should be opening your third bottle of the product since one bottle usually lasts four weeks. By now, everyone will notice your big change and this should tell you that PhenQ has really worked to change your appearance and your life. By now, you have completely changed your eating habits, and working out has become part of your life. Your body has completely adapted to the new you. Expect to lose over 11 pounds during this period.

Collectively, expect to lose over 42 pounds over the course of three months. Yes! Over 42 pounds. Make the step to take hold of your health. Get PhenQ.

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