Our privacy policy

Our statement of privacy clearly explains how we intend dealing with the outside world on some issues that most of our clients may find confusing. The statements are meant to explain and confirm our level of transparency in the manner in which we go about dealing with our customers like you. They will be outlined below for your understanding.

Collection of your details

As professionals that we are in this field, we are assuring you that your personal details shared with us will not be transferred to any third party. We have a very vast understanding of the fact that your personal information is one of your most valuable assets and as such, we will not give or share such with any third and unauthorized party. This is in line with our ethical standards and values as we intend having it upheld.

It is true that such information may be processed by a third party company. However, the facts and details will be managed by our team. As such, you can rest assured that there is no third party that will share your personal information with us. We use these pieces of information to have a rough idea of how many persons do visit our site on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Information that we extract

In addition to the above regarding information about our clients, there are some vital pieces of information that we collect about our customers. This could range from:

  • The time you have visited our page
  • The pages that you might have visited
  • The location that you are visiting our page from
  • Your type of screen resolution
  • The time that you will be spending on each page
  • The actions that you take on our pages
  • Which website connected you to our website (that is, whether it is through Google, Yahoo or Bing).
  • The domain which is aiding you to access the internet
  • Your IP address.
  • Which type of device that you are using to access our site.

Please, we want you to know that although we tend to extract these pieces of information at periodic intervals; such actions are not to take undue advantage of you. We engage in this practice just to ensure that we are able to make some effective decisions that are also timely just with one major aim which is to serve you better. So don’t be alarmed when you navigate through our pages to find what you want.

Our methods of collecting information

USHealthJournal has some strictly laid down policies which entail how we collect information about our customers. We make sure that we only collect the information of those that have given us their details through permission-based marketing. This means that we don’t forcefully collect the personal information of our customers.

We are a company which holds the practice of moral values and standard to the high esteem and as such, we will make sure that every piece of information that we collect about our customers like you are 100% based on your permission. That is to say, whatever details that we will extract about you, will be something that you will submit to us on your own.

Our advertising ethics

UsHealthJournal does not involve in any illegal forms of advertising just to win the patronage of its clients. It is true that we engage in advertising to expose our services, but we don’t do it to the detriment of our competitors. As a result of this fact, we make sure that our advertising methods and techniques are in line with the advertising ethics expected of every firm that wants to advertise its products and services.

As explained above, this is a firm that fully understands the requirements of the law when it comes to striking a balance between the process of winning the patronage of customers and not doing it at the expense of its competitors.

The use of cookies on our website

The website of US Health Journal does generate cookies whenever you do visit. However, this shouldn’t raise any kind of alarm as it is meant to ensure that we serve you right through improve services.

Every time you visit our site, it may lead to a generation of some text which are could be known as a cookie to be placed in your device. This is what will be responsible for you to navigate the page in a better way. Don’t be alarmed, as the information that we have about you has practically nothing to do with the cookies. Cookies are just there to make your experience the dynamism of our web pages.

Types of cookies

Cookies are usually of two (2) types. These are:

  • Session cookies
  • Permanent cookies.

Session cookies are used by us to aid you to navigate through our site without any form of hassle. It is through this cookie that we can know if you are still on our page or not. These types of cookies are only active when you are on our site as they tend to be disabled automatically as soon as you leave.

Permanent or persistent cookies are also used by us to identify those of our existing customers that may be visiting our site over and over again and also those that are visiting us for the first time. These types of cookies are expected to stay on your browsing devices until when they do expire or they can be removed by you (the user or browser).

The following technologies are also used by US Health Journal

Web beacons as well as pixel tags

Our website and emails may contain some images that are transparent. The main idea behind these technologies is major to help us determine whether you must have viewed a page or have opened an email.  For instance, you may request that we should be sending you our newsletters on a periodic interval and the only way that we can be sure that you are reading such newsletters is with the aid of technologies such as beacons and pixel tags.

While the web beacons help us to check how far you have opened our newsletters, the pixel tags can enable us to determine how you know whether you are clicking on any of our banners or images. You shouldn’t bother about all this as they are moves that are aimed at serving you in a better and effective way.

Collection of surveys

Please be pre-informed that we may decide to be collecting information about certain aspects of our services. The major aim of this is to improve our site and the general services that we offer. However, you have the right to decline such survey if you feel that you are not comfortable with the process. We just want you to fully understand that participation in the survey is a voluntary process.

Online advertising

When we engage in online advertising as one of the means of reaching out to our customers about the existence of our services and what we have to offer, we may also make use of such means to extract some pieces of information from you. Also, this may be a way of having details about your visits to our page tracked as we have included Google analytics tools on our web pages.