Do you really have to exercise to lose weight?

Is Exercise Really Necessary For Weight Loss?

This is one of the most asked questions in weight loss, and obviously, a lot of dieters certainly hope so. Also how about that famous formula that says weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise?

Most experts agree that both healthy diet and regular exercise are very important for health, but when it comes to weight loss, the two have very much different roles.

Cutting Calories

Whatever method you choose to lose weight, there’s one thing for sure, you have to burn more calories than what you eat, and that’s the absolute truth of weight loss that’s also known as “caloric deficit”. So there are basically two different ways to achieve that caloric deficit, either by burning more calories or by eating fewer calories. In this case, exercise goes to the “burn more” part, on the other hand, dieting obviously belongs to the eat less part.

Between the two, dieting is a much easier way to achieve caloric deficit as compared to exercising. You can look at it from any angle and still the answer is the same, diet is a better option. As an illustration, according to most weight loss experts, you can achieve a healthy weight loss by having a caloric deficit of around 500 calories per day. Now in order to get to that number you are given two options, you can either run for about five miles, or you can simply replace your blended coffee drink in the morning with a straight black coffee, so what’s it going to be? Obviously, most people will go with the second option.

According to Dr. Deborah Bade Horn of the Obesity Medicine Association, high volume physical exercise for about 4-5 hours per week alone without accompanied with a healthy meal plan and anti-obesity medications will contribute to about 6.6 pounds of weight loss in four months period. This will sound very discouraging for most people who have been trying to lose weight.

Building Muscles

So in terms of creating a caloric deficit, exercise turns out to be not so efficient. However, exercise is still important in your weight loss journey to make sure that the weight you lose is really from fat and not muscle. Furthermore, regular exercise also ensures that you have a permanent weight loss.

Studies have shown that people who are dieting without doing any exercise averagely lose about 3-4 pounds of muscle mass for every 10 pounds of their total weight loss. That means your total weight loss you actually lose 30-40% of healthy, lean muscles!

Now the implications of muscle loss will badly affect your weight loss results. You need muscles to stimulate your basal metabolic rate, or the calorie burning amount to make sure you have enough energy for day-to-day activities, and losing 10 pounds of your body weight through diet alone will decrease your basal metabolic rate significantly.

When that happens, your weight loss journey will become more and more difficult, because losing weight becomes a burden for your body as you keep on losing muscle mass. That’s why exercise is also very important in your weight loss effort. Exercise will increase muscle mass so you will be able to avoid the metabolic drop. Many research and studies have been conducted to confirm the effectiveness of exercise in weight loss. One study conducted in 2016 found that a group of men who incorporated high-intensity resistance training with low-calorie high-protein diet managed to lose 10.56 pounds of fat in average while at the same time also gained 2.64 pounds of muscle mass.

More benefits of exercise in weight loss

Exercise gives you many more benefits than just keeping your metabolic rate high and adding lean muscle mass. Many studies have proven that regular exercise will also prevent you from gaining back the weight you have lost because it can stop the formation of fat cells and keep your body in the fat burning mood. Exercise is also an excellent way for you to stop cravings.

When you are exercising, your body will release satiety hormones. Furthermore, with exercise, you can follow healthy eating plans much easier as compared to those who don’t exercise. The reason is that, after a few weeks of dieting alone without exercise, the levels of leptin, a hormone that gives you the sense of fullness will start to decrease. That could be a disaster for your weight loss effort because with low leptin levels you will start craving again.

Diet and Exercise

So to conclude, you need a good combination of diet and exercise in your weight loss journey to make sure you achieve a healthier and permanent weight loss. Focus your diet on achieving the target of 500 calories of the caloric deficit each day, while your workouts should be focused on boosting metabolic rate and building lean muscle mass.

In order to maximize your weight loss results, you can also add a dietary supplement to your diet. However, you need to be very careful in choosing the right dietary supplement, because there are so many different supplements out there and not all of them are safe to consume.

Make sure that you only choose a completely natural supplement that will not give any harmful side effects. One of the best dietary supplements that are currently going viral is the CLA Safflower Oil. Not only a marketing stunt, this supplement is really going viral because many people have already proven its effectiveness in aiding with weight loss.

CLA Safflower Oil can help to boost your metabolic rate that will help in your fat burning process. The conjugated linoleic acid in safflower oil will also interact with your fat burning hormones, making sure that your body can burn fat more effectively. This supplement is also known to be very effective in helping with increasing muscle mass, that’s why it’s really popular among bodybuilders. When taking CLA Safflower Oil you will gain more energy to exercise and your mood will also improve. As for help with your diet, CLA Safflower Oil can increase the levels of serotonin levels in your body that will suppress your appetite. Protection Status
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