Is Safflower Oil and CLA the same thing?

Safflower oil and CLA

One of the major topics people are discussing today is about health. We are more susceptible to health problems. This is due to the poor lifestyle and diet. Some of the major health problems we face today are obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and much more.

Cause of weight gain

Obesity being the major issue of most of the people, they try hard to reduce their weight in different ways. The prime cause of obesity is the over usage of fatty food such as cheese, which would lead to the accumulation of fat under the skin. This will cause weight gain and in due course, the fatty substances accumulate inside the arteries, which will finally lead to high blood pressure and malfunction of the heart resulting in stroke and cancer.

How bad fat affects your health?

The deposit of fat around the organs and inside the arteries leads to the inflammation of organs, insulin disorders, and finally more deposition of fat. Apart from this, the people who are obese may experience breathing problems and walking problems which are again associated with the fat deposits.

Consumption of omega fatty acids

What is the best type of diet we should follow for weight reduction? The answer is Omega-6 fatty acids and they are important to our health and included in the everyday diet.

Going beyond, the approach questions some very basic presumptions about the types of fat. Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to our health. They are found in fish and all types of vegetable oil. Omega fatty acids are “polyunsaturated”, which help in maintaining blood pressure and are important components of cells.

How can you reduce fat?

One of the best things you can do to reduce weight is to follow regular exercise and low consumption of bad fat. Here comes the benefit of using CLA, which is otherwise known as the Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It helps with the weight loss, especially the abdominal weight. This weight-loss supplement is the most effective and proven method in the world.

What is safflower oil?

Safflower is a plant which is used to extract oil and its history dates back to Greek and Egyptian eras. The oil of this plant is very edible and used for cooking purposes. The oil is drawn from its seeds and in olden days, the seeds were also used for making dyes. In total, more than six billion tones of safflower oil are consumed around the world. More than 60 countries produce this crop. This is one of the best weight-losing dietary people have ever experienced.

What is CLA?

CLA, derived from Linoleic Acid is a fatty acid supplement.  It is an omega-6 fatty acid beneficial for the human body. The CLA is found in dairy and meat products, which come from grass-fed animals. It has several good effects on health and the most important feature is its capability of decreasing tumors and skin cancer. Moreover, CLA reduces total body mass and thus, helps in overall reduction of BMI.

Another important fact is CLA helps in maintaining insulin levels and also acts as a diabetic drug. This is the best fat burners and hence, athletics use this in their diet.

How does CLA work on Human Body?

Different from other dietary substance, CLA maintains the correct body mass by helping lose the excess weight. It increases the body mass on those who weigh less. CLA breaks the fatty acids and increases the metabolic rate. Apart from this, it also affects the lean muscle mass by increasing the metabolic rate of the body resulting in the overall fat loss.

This is one of the best supplements for athletics and it helps in boosting up the immune system. The regular consumption of CLA helps increase the total health and improves resistance to food allergies.

The difference between CLA and Safflower oil

Many people think that CLA and safflower oil are same, but the truth is that it is not. So, can we take safflower oil for weight loss? No! Because the studies and researchers show these two things are not the same but different.

If anyone is interested in losing the abdominal fat, they can use safflower oil as a weight-loss supplement, while the studies show that the CLA affects the total body mass or the BMI and the adipose mass of the body. Within the total 16 dietary periods, CLA shows the result if it is regularly consumed in the last 8 weeks. Nevertheless, safflower oil has no effect on BMI or adipose mass of the body.

The research and the result

The research was carried out in 35 women and it showed that those who consumed CLA have total body weight loss and as a result, they also had abdominal weight loss. The safflower oil reduced the fasting glucose while increased the adiponectin. But in both the dietary, no differences were seen in fat intake, diet period, and dietary energy intake.

CLA Safflower Oil Summary

The studies and researches show that safflower and CLA are different and both have a different effect on our body. Safflower oil reduces only abdominal mass, while CLA has a great effect on total body mass. Moreover, CLA provides resistance to food allergies, maintain body weight, regulate insulin, increases weight on lean people, increases metabolic activities, and cures skin cancer and tumors.

In short, those who want to reduce only abdominal weight can choose safflower oil, while those who want to maintain overall health can go for CLA. Protection Status
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