Supplements that can help you lose weight

Dietary supplements for weight loss

When you start to shed the excess fat there are few things you have to consider. Like any other thing in life if sounds too good to be true is usually very bad, and the weight loss supplements industry makes no difference from that rule.

For example, the weight loss supplements are rarely as good as their advertising promising that you will burn fat with zero psychical activity or workouts. If you believe them the “miracle pills” will help you lose weight effortlessly.

A study in 2018 shows that more than 20% of the American adults have used weight loss supplements at one point in their life and they spend more than 3 Billion per year on a hope that they can lose weight without changing anything from their lifestyle.

The regulations on weight loss supplements are minimal and that`s why the manufactured company can advertise whatever they want, even if they have no proof or tests made on that supplement.

Even the U.S. Government Accountability Office declared that many dietary supplements are proven to be physical harm. So stop believing everything you see on the internet especially when it comes to your health because you can do more harm than good without a proper documentation.

If you think that one magical pill will resolve all your problems than … you have another problem. Is a really good thing when you start to lose weight but you have to do it in steps and with total commitment. The commitment means that you have to exercise and eat fewer carbohydrates and only after that to start a weight loss diet with supplements.

Are few tricks can help you eat less and the most important is to drink a glass of water before any meal so the space inside your stomach will be half full before you start eating. Smaller plates are a good idea to but the most important thing is to exercises as much as you can because is nothing better like a healthy body before you start making a big change like trying to lose weight.

Most effective weight loss supplements

Let`s take a look at the most important ingredients inside weight loss supplements in the past years, and maybe the biggest is Forskolin Extract, made from a plant called Indian Coleus plant or NKH477 in the medical industry. Forskolin is used in different fat burners to increase the level of the cyclic AMP and is used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years to treat different disorders like diabetes. The latest study on Indian Coleus plant shows us is an amazing weight loss agent and is a reason why is the most common ingredient inside the weight loss supplements. In 2018 the best supplement with forskolin as the main ingredient is actually a combination of two amazing plants and the product name is Turmeric Forskolin.

For instance, in 2017 the most searched weight loss supplements on google where the ones who contains CLA (or Conjugated Linoleic Acid). This substance is found in many dairy products, meat, and according to Wolters Kluwer the benefits of using Conjugated Linoleic Acid are amazing.

In 1979 CLA was used on mice and test showed that “inhibit chemically induced cancer in mice “and in 2018 the United States Food and Drug Administration had made CLA as safe and was approved as an ingredient.

Maybe the most known weight loss supplement that contains CLA is CLA Safflower Oil. This supplement was promoted by many celebrities including Oprah and Doctor Oz and the results were positive for most of the customers. More than 75% had positive results after they used CLA Safflower Oil as a weight loss supplement but 30% said that the gain a lot more weight after they stop using it.

I think this is one of the biggest mistakes you can do when it comes to weight loss. After you finished your supplement diet you have to exercise and eat less for few more months just to make sure you don`t gain weight (yo-yo diet).

Each year we see the market flooded with supplements and miracle pills but to make the best choice is difficult and even more if you have zero medical experience. Like I wrote in other articles you have to understand each ingredient inside a product to see if they are beneficial for you or not. When I had few extra pounds and I started losing weight with the help of a weight loss supplement I contacted my doctor first to ask about the ingredients and what changes I have to make in my life so I don`t encounter other problems during my weight loss journey. I think this can be a good advice for anyone, talk to your doctor before making a change that can be more harmful than good.

For the next article, I will write an article with top 5 weight loss supplements that are proven to work in 2018. I`ve been asked how I write this reviews and if I try all the supplements I wrote about, and the answer is no, but I try to find forums where real customers are talking about a product like Quora or Reddit and I try to make my own conclusion after I read about their experience. I`m using a weight loss supplement at the moment and I will review it after the 90 days test will pass. The product name is Rapid Tone and you can read about it here but being a new product is not too many testimonials on this supplement.

Bottom Line on How to Lose Weight

You have to be really motivated and to dedicate yourself entirely to the new lifestyle if you want to lose weight in a safe way without the risk of yo-yo dieting or other side-effects. You have to follow the steps without skipping one, there are no shortcuts when it comes to a healthy weight loss and bellow I will give you the main steps you have to follow when you in embark in a journey like this.

  • Eat food that has a high concentration of lean protein, foods like vegetables or chicken, this will help you to burn only the extra fat and not your muscle mass.
  • Eat fewer calories by adding a healthy diet to your lifestyle. You can start counting them and make sure you don`t pass 1200 calories per day.
  • Exercise 2-3 times per day even if for only 15-20 minutes. You can burn 250 calories in 20 minutes of workouts.

All those 3 tips combined are ensuring you a better chance to lose weight without other complications. You have to find a balance between the problems of your life and your overall health. Don`t wait before is to late to make changes, and remember, anything worth doing is hard, and the weight loss is no different. Protection Status
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