Tom Kerridge Lose Weight For Good

How to Lose Weight For Good

Want to lose weight? Maybe you should try what Tom Kerridge did. The famous chef and now a weight loss expert believe that his program “Lose Weight For Good” can help anyone achieve the elusive weight loss.

The 44-year old Tom Kerridge lost a significant amount of weight. He once described himself as an overweight man. He shed all that weight and has now written a recipe book of delicious meals that can help anyone slim down.

Since Tom started his TV series, he has helped at least 13 people lose weight over the 6 episodes of the series. Tom believes that diet doesn’t have to be flavorless, brand, and unexciting foods in order to achieve the right results.

Speaking on a TV program, Tom revealed that the pressure of his work contributed to gaining too much weight. However, as he approached 40 years and beyond, it dawned on him that he needs to do something about his current weight. He revealed that this is a decision he made on his own and was not forced by any doctor before he decided that he needs to lose weight.

How Tom Kerridge Did It

According to Tom, he lost weight by choosing a low carb diet. He still cooks what he wants to cook and still use things such as butter and cream. However, he completely quit drinking, and cut out carbs and starch from his diet. He occasionally eats carbs in fruits.

According to Tom, most diets that are in existence work. However, the problem is that most of these diets are so hard that most people will find it very difficult to stick to them. In his own words – ” “All diets work – but you fall off them because the food you’re eating, you’re not interested in, it’s boring”.

How Does Tom Kerridge’s Lose Weight For Good Work?

After losing weight over a period of 4 years, Tom Kerridge wants to make use of his culinary skills and mastery of various diets to inspire and help people achieve their dream body weight.

Tom’s Lose Weight for Good Diet follows NHS guidelines. This is a guideline that states that you will lose weight if you eat fewer calories and get more exercise or physical activities. His diet involved cutting out carbs and starch.

Tom described his diet as a “celebration of great-tasting food”. His diet contains the use of recipes that are used every day and come in portions big enough to fill you up. His recipes are not just nutritious but hearty recipes. In fact, the diet includes some recipe that will surprise you such as pork samosa pie, pizza with parma ham and mozzarella, spicy lamb burgers, coffee and chocolate custard pots.

The Chef argued that his dopamine diet will work for anybody because it allows you to enjoy what you are eating. Since the diet is not too restrictive, it makes it extremely easy to stick to it. The diet contains dairy foods such as cheese and yogurt, milk, omega-3 rich fish like salmon and mackerel, eggs, and unprocessed meats such as beef, chicken, and turkey.  It also contains vegetables and fruits especially nuts, bananas, and dark chocolate.

However, the diet does not allow intake of caffeine, alcohol, processed sugar, and starchy carbohydrates.

Tom’s Lose Weight For Good diet also recommends an increase in physical activities. In as much as you are eating right, you also need to make sure that you are getting enough physical activities. NHS recommended about 150 hours of physical activities every week. You need to ensure that you are getting as much as possible. A good way to get the physical activities you need to stay healthy and lose weight is by joining a gym. Spending 1 to 3 hours in gym 3 times a week is a great way to make the diet work for you.

Tom revealed that the reason he created a diet that includes everyday ingredient is that restrictive diets don’t work. Most of these diets are boring forcing you to give it up after a couple of weeks. With a diet that contains most foods that you are already used to, it makes it easier to stick to his diet. He stated that his diet worked for him because he thoroughly enjoyed what he was eating.

Tom’s diet encourages people to cook their own food. This is because this is the only way to know exactly what you are putting in your body. You can be able to choose your ingredients in the exact amount you want them when you cook.

Getting Started on Tom’s Lose Weight For Good Diet

To get started on Tom Kerridge’s “Lose Weight for Good” diet, you need to get his cookbook. The book is published by Absolute and you can get it for as low as £22. Protection Status
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