Top 10 weight loss tips

10 Tips to get fit

Every New Year’s Eve is the same thing. We all make the infamous New Year’s Resolution List, then proceed to ignore it all through the rest of the year, just to do it all over again in the next one. Some of us include getting a new car, some to marry, but one of the most sought and hardest to achieve is to get fit. Not only because you need to exercise more, nor because it demands to eat in a healthier way, but because it takes time and a lot of effort to be accomplished. The latter two, allied with the rush of the modern life, are decisive factors on our health.

In the modern era, where times IS money and we are all surrounded by an ever-growing number of delicious temptations, the fast food, with its promise of least time “lost” while feeding yourself, has some nasty consequences. We get fat. It’s surprising to no one that our body tends to accumulate fat due to our genetic disposition to store energy (blame our ancestors for that) and our frenetic routine, which usually involves sitting in front of a computer through the whole day, does not help either.

To help you achieve at least this resolution, I compiled 10 important tips that will surely make you lose weight with ease.

Eat right

Surely you have heard this before, but what does it mean to “eat right”? Well, the concept is pretty simple, actually. In order to eat right, you must forget about quantity and quality and focus on WHEN you eat. Confused? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Our bodies have different energetic needs, that vary from person to person, but what you probably don’t know is that our body needs lots of constant energy to keep working. That’s what the “eat right” part refers to. Instead of eating thrice a day, namely breakfast, lunch, and supper, you should spread out the meals throughout the day, in order to keep the body energy constant and the stomach busy, but keep in mind that these meals must be light in order to not put your organism in digestion mode, where you get somnolent, due to the flux of blood to the stomach. Cereal bars are an extraordinary example of a light meal that will keep you pumped up and active through the day.

Highly energetic beverages, like coffee and black tea, are rich in caffeine, a substance that delivers a lot of energy, among other effects in our organism should be avoided in high quantities, as they don’t have the other nutritious values needed to “eat right”.

It is also important to set a daily routine of meals. Eat always at the same hours every day, so your body starts recognizing the new pattern of feeding and will stop stocking up energy as fat. This happens because when your body perceives a shortage of food, it will start reducing the spending of energy, “deactivating” some body functions, what will consequently make you to sleep more, have somnolence throughout the day, accumulate fats and other things, because it thinks that the shortage of food is not something you can control, as we could not back then when we were just hunters and collectors. Eating only once a day can make you get fat, even if you only eat healthy food, so beware of the meal hours.

Don’t abuse in sweets

Talking about highly energetic meals and eating right, you promptly thought about sweets, didn’t you? Well, I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but I suppose that there’s no escape this time. While yes, you should eat the mentioned meals, you must comprehend that sweets are TOO MUCH energetic, and eating too many of them can lead to diabetes. Yes, you can eat a tiny itty-bitty chocolate bar every now and then, but your focus is to get fit and healthy, so a little of moderation is required.

Work out

It’s Captain Obvious time, but this needs to be addressed. As obvious as it is, working out is the most effective way to get fit, but most people don’t fully comprehend what is to work out in the first place. Yes, going to the gym is a kind of work out, but only if you go there, not just paying for a month and never showing up. Don’t make excuses. If you set the goal to get fit, get your gym clothes, put on your running shoes and go work out.

That, though, is not the only one way you can work out. Tracking, walking, running, hiking, riding and any other activity that makes you move and spend energy is a form of work out. Due to our daily routine, we seldom have enough time to do any of the mentioned, but if you walk to your local market instead of driving, for example, and incorporate other kinds of similar activities in your routine, you will see a considerable improvement in your health. The key to a healthy life is not to be sedentary.

Go see a nutritionist

Though Captain Obvious time is over, this is another thing that people often miss or even disbelief. The only way to know your body, besides being you, is to go see a specialist on the subject. Nutritionists are people who studied about diet and the digestive system of our bodies. They possess the knowledge and tools to identify the needs and excesses of nutrients that your body has and will provide a complete report of your body and a diet that will focus on solving its issues.

That was the easy part. The hard one is to follow those instructions and stick to the plan your nutritionist gave you. It might seem impossible to eat only one slice of sandwich bread every morning, but if that’s what it was recommended, that’s what you will have to do.

Use the right weight loss supplements

In your appointment with the nutritionist, he or she might indicate you to take a supplement to lose weight, such as CLA Safflower Oil or some other. These supplements are products that are intended to be a supplementary form of nutrients, to complement their daily intake and make the results of the diet to happen faster.

Keep in mind that a diet is not synonymous with losing weight. There is a multitude of diets, and each one focuses on a different goal. There are diets to lose weight, indeed, but there are also diets to gain weight, exchange fatty mass for lean mass, diets to supplement deficiencies in any particular nutrient, like iron, vitamin E or C, and for each one of these diets, there is a corresponding supplement, so stick with the one recommended by your nutritionist.

Don’t rush to lose weight

Do not think that you are going to dry up all of sudden and that you will wake up with defined abs overnight. No, this kind of things takes time. Lots of it, therefore having patience is key to get fit. Go at your own pace, keep track of what you’ve done, go to your nutritionist in a regular schedule, keep up with the recommended diet, take the supplements as (if) prescribed and have patience. Things will happen on time.

The best tip to achieve this is to make a “Get Fit Working Program” and mark up on your calendar. Create plausible milestones, like “Lose 1 pound in 2 weeks”. Start slowly and increase the level of difficulty and rate, accordingly to your progress.

Control your anxiety

Nothing can ruin a diet like anxiety and stress. Those two factors are exceptionally good at that and are ever-present in our daily routines. Anxiety makes you rush through your diet, one thing that we already know that shouldn’t be done, but it also makes you eat more, as you try to keep your brain busy with something. Relax and stay focused on your goal.

Don’t despair

Despairing when things don’t happen as we planned is never the right answer. If you did not lose the 1 pound in the 2 weeks you planned, do not abandon the diet because of that. It is very important that your diet keeps on going, even if not at the desired rate. Go see your nutritionist, try to understand why you did not lose the desired weight, re-plan your strategy, change goals, add activities, but keep it going.

Don’t listen to others and avoid self-boycott

Do not tell anyone except your nutritionist that you are on a diet. I don’t know why, but people often discourage others when it comes to diets, stating that this or that goal is impossible, that you are fine the way you are. This kind of criticism, while maybe not ill intended, have the opposite effect. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and you might start thinking that “they are right, I should not do this”. If you want something well done, do it yourself, and if you want it to happen, don’t tell anyone.

Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water make your body to get hydrated. Everyone and their grandmothers know that. But the hydration also makes you burn more calories, through the pores of your skin in the form of sweat. The more water you drink, the more you sweat, the more heat you exchange and more calories you burn.

It is estimated that the average adult person should drink about 2.5L of water each day, but as the nutrient need varies with each person, the same applies to water consumption and your nutritionist should have an estimate for it as well. Protection Status
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