Top 9 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips

Top Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is a complex process, one that often gets complicated because of the many myths the weight loss “industry” is full of. If you’re interested in reducing your weight, you’ve most probably heard all sorts of tips and crazy things to do in order to get one step closer to the body you dream of. Most of them have no science or evidence behind them. Health care specialists and scientists have carried out a lot of research though and found out that there are some strategies that seem to be effective when trying to lose weight. Here are the most popular evidence-based weight loss tips.

Drink water

Having enough water is something doctors recommend no matter if you’re interested in losing weight or not. Water is vital and having enough of it will help your body stay hydrated and function better. Studies have shown that drinking water can help with weight loss by boosting one’s metabolism by 24-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours. This will help you burn more calories. One study found that drinking a half liter of water 30 minutes before meals helped the people participating in the study lose 44% more weight and eat fewer calories.

Having eggs for breakfast

Sounds too easy, right? Well, it is no news that eggs provide us with all sorts of benefits. Studies have recently shown that eggs can help us lose weight, too. One study found that if you replace a grain-based breakfast with eggs, you can reduce the number of calories you eat for the next 36 hours. This will help you increase the amount of weight and body fat you lose. If you have some restrictions regarding egg consumption and you can’t have them, you can replace eggs with any source of quality protein to enjoy weight loss benefits.

Cut back on refined carbs

One thing that actually works when it comes to having a healthier diet and losing weight is having less refined carbs such as white bread, pasta, and sugar. Such foods no longer contain fibrous and nutritious parts and studies have shown that refined carbs can lead to cravings, hunger, and more food just a few hours after they’ve been consumed. The connection between eating refined carbs and obesity is thus obvious. Try to introduce carbs that come with their natural fibers and are not processed instead.

Make green tea part of your diet

Green tea is highly appreciated for its various health benefits. Weight loss advantages are among these benefits. Studies suggest that green tea can enhance fat burning. The caffeine and the antioxidants green tea contains work together to enhance the body’s ability to burn fat. Even if further research is needed before knowing more about the weight loss benefits green tea has, many people consuming this type of tea on a regular basis have associated it with an increase in weight loss.

Say no to added sugar

Added sugar is one of the main health enemies. Unfortunately, many people have so much of it. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup consumption increase the risk of developing obesity, heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes. Now, if you want to boost your health and also lose weight, reducing the sugar you have is the step to take. Make sure you read carefully the labels on the foods you buy. Many foods and products that claim to be healthy are actually loaded with sugar.

Make sure you have healthy food around for healthy snacks

Replace all the unhealthy foods you usually have with healthier products and keep them close in case hunger takes over. This way you will have something that boosts your health, meets your nutritional needs and keeps you in shape. Great options include whole fruits, baby carrots, nuts, and hard boiled eggs.

Have more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are not only healthy and great to taste but they are also quite helpful when it comes to keeping your weight at the normal or healthy level. One study shows that many people who have fruits and vegetables on a regular basis tend to weigh less. The high amount of fiber and water and the low number of calories make them perfect for a healthy diet. Moreover, you need a while to chew them, which is quite filling.

Introduce fiber-rich foods in your diet

Fiber is often associated with weight loss benefits. Even if more studies are needed to know precisely how fiber helps us keep a healthy weight, the ones carried out so far suggest that fiber increases satiety and thus can help you keep a normal weight. See your nutritionists for fiber-rich foods recommendations as well as a custom-made diet.

Have more whole, single ingredient foods

Eating healthily and exercising regularly are often enough to keep you in shape and close to a normal weight. If you eliminate the current unhealthy habits you have and go for a healthy lifestyle, results won’t fail to happen. Whole, single ingredient foods are among the changes you should go for. They are healthy and filling and if you make them a major part of your diet, you will have fewer chances to gain weight and greater chances to keep a healthy number of kilograms. Whole eggs, leafy greens, salmon, vegetables, potatoes, beans, legumes, avocados, nuts, fruits, some grains and seeds are among the foods you should introduce into your diet if you target a healthier lifestyle and weight.

Remember that losing weight is not about dieting, it’s about eating healthily. If you eat healthily for a period and then go back to your old habits, it’s no wonder the kilos you’ve lost will be back too. Keeping a healthy weight calls for a healthy lifestyle, one that includes healthy foods as well as regular physical activities. See your dietitian for recommendations and a custom-made plan as well as your gym trainer for a personalized workout program. Stick to their recommendations and you will enjoy a stronger health and the weight you dream of. Protection Status
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