TV shows and dietary regimes

Living in a consumerist society sometimes can be very confusing. There are many TV shows and commercials that propose us the methods to get fit “in 7 days”, to subject our bodies to many methods to reduce body fat. The methods often prove to be untested, false and part of a planned financial scam. Hence, usually, the money spent on the products aggressively promoted – is wasted in vain.

We have all noticed that so many TV shows and series that had devoted full episodes to certain foods and meal rituals and habits. The Thanksgiving day turkey, the American pie, all the landmark meals represented throughout the pop-culture. But… What about TV diets?

Keeping up with the Kardashians

One of the smash-hit TV shows – “Keeping up with the Kardashians” has promoted Kim Kardashian’s salad ritual. The green salads are often seen on the show, indeed, are low on calories. However, the salads usually prove to be empty meals, meaning you will get hungry again very fast. Salads are always a Thumbs-up choice, however, it would be nice to fill them with some seeds, oat, vegetables or fruits.

Fox Mulder’s Sunflower seeds

Anyone who likes to eat Sunflower seeds knows how much time and effort you must put into a single (if you can call it that way) – meal. The Sunflower seeds are very healthy, and also meaning that you can’t physically eat large quantities of it. Taking that in mind, your appetite urge could be settled down on a psychological basis for at least a bit, with only a small amount of calories consumed. Maybe that’s why The X-files superstars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are still youthful and fit. Way that goes, Mulder!

Joey doesn’t share food!

The US smash-hit sitcom Friends has the most blatant example of an unhealthy and irresponsible diet. Joey… Oh, Joey and his phrase – “Joey does not share food”. We have witnessed o multiple occasions Joey’s overeating, exposing himself to the absolute edge of the alimentary intoxication. And if it was a real-life experience, no-doubtfully Joey would end up in the hospital for at least once. Never eat like Joey.

The Walking Dead paradox

Many people feel instant disgust towards AMC’s hit TV series, however, we must point out that at one or two occasions, Rick and his team did a great job regarding the food habits and production. Organic gardening, vegetables rich in fibers, no artificial nutrients. Combined with prolonged physical activity while avoiding the danger – at one moment seemed like a decent society. If we exclude all that occurred before and after…

Popcorn nights

How many times have we all been on the other side of the small-screen, enjoying our movie night? The unavoidable spice of the night is – you have guessed it – Popcorn. Easy to make, tasty, neutral, voluminous and low on calories. Can it get better? Yes, it can. Have you ever considered experimenting with a spice or two? For example, adding some CLA Safflower Oil to the bowl? Experimenting with lemon drops? It may seem a bit extraordinary, but it is worth trying. Yes, the taste is great, but the health effects and dietary properties are even better. Especially if we consider the fact that many movie fans are lying on the sofa for many hours, wasting the calorific minimum.

Sweet advice

If your snack needs related to the night rituals are uncontrollable, you can do much to improve the overall situation. Minimize the intake of sweetened candies and chocolate products. Make way for the sliced watermelon or strawberries. Watermelon has some fantastic properties related to the dietary intake. The watermelon is made of some 92% water. The rest 8% are natural fibers and fruit sugar. Eating watermelon means that your body gets naturally hydrated and detoxicated. Fibers are very healthy for the stomach and intestinal balance, preventing the bloating and constipation. Strawberries are not only tasty but also very healthy. Being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, strawberries can be called “health bombs”. And yes, chewing them makes your teeth whiter, mainly due to the antioxidant properties. Furthermore, you can always blend up some fruits and vegetables, and make a fantastic juice that can keep your hands and mind preoccupied for some time.

The magical tropical salad

Instead of eating chips while watching a movie, how about starting the night with  Safflower seeds and popcorn, and later spicing it up with Tropical salad? The recipe is quite simple. Take some Watermelon, Blueberries, Apples, Strawberries, Kiwi, Grapes and slice them up. Add some lemon and orange juice, a tiny bit of cinnamon, and mix it up evenly. Turn on the TV, sit down, relax and enjoy!

The mentioned ideas can be very practical, cans satisfy even the most demanding among us, and can help your body to get fit again. The benefits of the diet can be observed directly within a few days, where the organism gets energetic and cheerful. The long-term effects can be observed and monitored, where losing a few kilograms is the most prominent part of the diet. Moreover, the diverse and healthy diet can make your body more resistant to pathogens, allergens and environmental toxins. Protection Status
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