Ways To Lose Belly Fat Fast this Winter

Top 4 Ways To Lose Belly Fat Fast and Naturally This Winter

So you want to lose belly fat fast right? Awesome! Winter is the best season to lose weight. Unfortunately, it is also a very cold season, so it is not surprising to see a lot of people taking a break from their healthy eating or fitness regimen. If you can stick to some tested and proven techniques of losing belly fat this season, you will definitely enjoy a mind-blowing result!

You know why? Well, the logic is indeed a simple one. According to a research, you can lose significant weight naturally just by spending a little time in the cold for a period of time. This is because cold weather causes the body to increase its production of “brown fat”. This fat is also known as “good fat” and it is very beneficial for burning a lot of calories and getting rid of harmful “white fat” from the body system.

The research shows that winter months can help you cleans your internal system especially when you want to lose belly fat. It does not end there, cooler months also help to boost your energy and achieve a significant weight loss naturally.

While this research has been proven to be valid, it may take some time to see the outcome. Fortunately, by making small changes to your lifestyle, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to achieve a result and experience a faster outcome, in other words, faster weight loss during this winter.

In this article, you will find 4 simple changes to your lifestyle that could help you lose belly fat fast these cold winter months:

Monitor Your Daily Activities

One smart way to lose belly fat quickly this season is by keeping track of your daily activity. The reason is simple: You can only make a better decision when you have the right data.

In this case, you will need to get a tracker device and track your heart rate, steps, sleep, and how you eat, the food you eat, exercises, and other basic fitness parameters. You can try every day to improve on the result of the previous day. For instance, if you took 7,000 steps the previous day, try to take at least 10,000 steps the next day and continue to increase it every new day.

Eat Only Good Carbs

Carbs are one of the reasons why you haven’t seen a significant result in your weight loss effort. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to choose carbs smartly. Moreover, most of our modern-day foods such as potato, white bread, white rice, and even cereals we take every day have little or no fiber. Since these foods are refined, they are digested pretty quickly which means, you will get hungry faster and need to eat again soon.

If you really want to get a result, choose your carbs wisely. Eating the right carbs will help boost your health and energy. Plan your carbs around the ones that make you full such as vegetables or carbs with protein and fiber like dairy and beans.

Eat Small Portions Consistently

To ensure that you don’t overeat, it is recommended that you eat every 2 to 4 hours. You don’t need to wait until you feel hungry before you eat. Doing so is one of the reasons why you overeat and gain weight. Instead, try to eat small portions of food consistently throughout the day.

Eating little portions of food every 4 hours helps you to stay healthy and also avoid over-eating.

Eat Lots of Protein-Rich Foods

Probably, this may not be the first time you’ve heard that you need a lot of protein to reach your weight loss goal faster. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore this. The great thing with protein is they can keep you full for a longer period of time thereby suppressing appetite and reducing the risk of over-eating.

Moreover, eating protein will also help you to stabilize your blood sugar level. To get the result you need, you need to be eating only proteins that are rich in nutrient and have very low saturated fat and calories.

Some of these proteins include:

  • Beans

  • Soy

  • Nuts

  • Eggs

  • Lean meats

  • Seafood

  • Seeds

However, getting all these proteins one after another will cost you a lot. You will need to get a supplement that acts as a suppressant and also give you the benefit of all these proteins. One of such supplement is CLA Safflower Oil. It will help you to achieve a significant reduction in weight in a very short time.


Winter may be a very cold season, but it is also a blessing in disguise especially when you want to lose weight. Try the steps mentioned above and you will notice significant changes this season.

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