Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make

You Might Be Making These Huge Weight Loss Mistakes

There is always a great feeling when you come down from the treadmill knowing that you just burned a good number of calories. It is very motivating and this will get you back to treadmill sooner as far as you are seeing the results. For most people, they tend to pay too much attention to the number of calories they are burning whenever they mount the treadmill.

As good as this may seem, it can be sabotaging your efforts. Whether you are monitoring the calories you are burning on the treadmill display or health club’s website, you can seriously harm your weight loss programs. The reason behind this is not far-fetched. Most calorie counters, fitness trackers, and estimates of calories burned make use of inaccurate methods when measuring the number of calories you burn. In most cases, this leads you to believe that you burned more calories when the number is actually lesser than what is on the display.

The Bad Side of Calorie Counters

According to a study that is published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine, most of the fitness trackers available today, including the MIO Alpha 2 and Apple Watch can be as much as 93% off in their calories estimations.

According to the Stanford Medical Center, each of these trackers uses its own proprietary algorithm when calculating the number of calories you just burned. Of course, this doesn’t always jibe with the person wearing it.

This may perhaps, be the reason why most claims of burning “500 calories in 30 minutes” camp are always far off from the claim. In most of these classes, the instructor wears a fitness tracker during the class and the information from the tracker is then used to promote the exercise.

The problem here is that there are a lot of intrinsic variables that will always affect the number of calories you burn during each exercise period. Some of these variables include age, sex, weight, as well as your muscle mass. This simply means that the number of calories you are going to burn can be way different from what your 6’2′ male fitness instructor burned. So don’t expect to burn the same amount of calories.

Getting the Best Result During Exercise

To burn more calories, you will need to engage in a more intense workout. For instance, someone that is pedaling a bike at a faster pace or at a higher resistance will be able to burn more calories than the person that is just going through the motions.

The intensity of your pedaling will depend on your fitness and other factors such as how well you slept the previous night and what you had for breakfast. Everything being equal, you will more likely gain from very intense exercise.

The above means that you may not burn as much as 600 calories as advertised by the company. However, at the low end, you may burn around 400 calories and up to 800 calories on the high end, but it all still depends on the intensity of the exercises.

According to a research, there is no need to depend on those calories counters that come with your cardio equipment. The University of California, San Francisco’s Human Performance Center compared 4 different cardio calorie counters against a VO2 analyzer. The result showed that the machines overestimated calories burned during the exercise by as much as 19%.

The elliptical machine was the worse among all the 4 machines compared. This machine overestimated the burned calories by as much as 42%. This means if you depend on this machine to know how much calories you burned during an exercise, it will make you believe that you burn 100 calories when you actually burned only 58 calories.

Losing Weight Without Unnecessary Mathematics

What matters at the end is how much weight you were able to lose and not just how many calories you burned during a given exercise period.

This is because if you are following those people that brag about “burning 800 calories at once”, you can go out and eat 800 calories which will now force you to gain more weight instead of actually losing them.  In summary, the more your fitness trackers, elliptical machines and other estimates of calories burned overestimated your caloric expenditure, the more you sabotage your weight loss effort.

What this means is that you don’t have to depend on those machines. Depending on the machines can be working against you because most of them are largely inaccurate. Instead, trust on your body’s built-in calorie counters such as hunger cues to know the actual amount of calories you are burning.

You can rate your hunger cues on the scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “absolutely starved” and 10 being “extremely full”, try and eat food when you reach 3 or 4 i.e. when you start feeling a tinge of hunger and stop when you reach 6, which is when you are comfortably full.

However, you can improve the number of calories you burn during each exercise period by taking CLA Safflower oil. It boosts your muscles and let you burn more calories to lose weight faster.


Losing weight can be very tricky. What you actually think to be right might be working against you just like the calories counters mentioned above. Just follow the information in this article to improve your result and focus your exercise to lose more weight.

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