Is Weight Watchers Diet good for you

Is The Weight Watchers Diet Best For You?

Every day, some new diet or the other is in vogue. They all make grandiose promises but rise and fall as fast as the tides. You on the other hand just want to lose weight. Everywhere you look you’re surrounded by fat causing foods. Obesity is on the rise and you don’t want to join that club. You also want to ensure you lose weight in as healthy a way as possible without damaging your body. What do you then? The Weight Watchers Diet hopes to provide you an answer to that question. Is it right for you though? Read on to decide.

What Is Weight Watchers Diet?

The Weight Watchers Diet places a heavy emphasis on not being a fad diet. It doesn’t aim to bombard you with propaganda about trendy foods or starve you of staple foods. Instead, it tries to be empirical and scientific. It does so by looking at the nutritional numbers. It does this by attributing a ‘SmartPoints’ value to different types of food. Two meals can have the same caloric intake but quite different points value figures. The one which fills you up the most while giving you more vitamins, minerals and nutrition will win out. The emphasis on enjoying filling foods takes away the ‘starve yourself’ aspect usually associated with diets. Sounds simple enough.

How Well Weight Watchers Diet Works

This diet has quite a lot of followers. When you sign up they calculate your unique needs based on various factors as well. This includes age, gender, and daily activity. It also aims for a more ‘natural’ approach. This is done by emphasizing fruits, vegetables and kicking out processed foods. Former subscribers have attested to its benefits and many claims it saved them. It even gives you room for some cheating. You can still have your coffee, a little bit of alcohol and some junk food you savor.

What the Data Says about Weight Watchers Diet

Studies have also yielded positive views on the diet. The American Journal of Medicine in a 2013 study found that it can be quite beneficial. According to the study, people who used this diet had far better weight loss prospects. More so than those who went the self-help route. It also observed that people who committed fully to the program met their weight loss goals. Another review by Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes also brought positive feedback. It found that, compared to other diets; people on Weight Watchers got consistent results. Their results and weight were all measured over a 12 month period.

Is It Easy To Follow Weight Watchers Diet?

One thankful aspect of this diet is that it doesn’t require anything complex. You don’t have to pay for daily meal deliveries and can still prepare your own food. When you sign up they give you access to books, videos and frequent updates based on your needs. You can also get access to a personal diet coach who makes sure you follow the diet properly. In addition, your involvement in the diet can be catered by your own choices. You can opt-in for text and phone call updates or just read and prepare your food accordingly. This convenience and choice have made it popular among those leading busy lives. You can retain your decision making independence.

Weight Watchers Diet Cost

You can have a digital-only subscription with online access and updates for $19.95 USD a month. This includes 24/7 chat services. For $44.95 USD a month you can get in-person meetings or pay week to week at $12 to $15 USD per week. If you want to have the personal coach plus access to the online subscription you’ll have to pay $54.95 USD a month. On the other hand, if you want everything previously mentioned you’ll have to shell out $69.95 USD a month. As you can see, you get a lot of options here based on how well you want to commit.

Do I Have Alternatives?

Of course, you have alternatives. Why not consider using a fat burning supplement like CLA Safflower Oil? Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is scientifically proven to burn stomach fat. Usually derived from Safflower Oil, CLA prompts the body to better metabolize and break down fatty tissue. Safflower Oil, on the other hand, is a popular cooking oil. However, the natural Linoleic Acid within it has various benefits as a supplement. For one, it helps you produce more ‘good cholesterol’ or HDL-C Lipoprotein. This good cholesterol doesn’t build up and clog arteries. As a result, Safflower Oil can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems. Additionally, much like CLA, the Linoleic Acid assists in fat burning. It’s made up of fatty acids and oils which your body needs and uses productively.

CLA and Safflower Oil usually come as separate supplements. There are combined versions though and these are the ones you want to get. With it, you can get the best of both worlds. You can burn off fat while improving your cardiovascular health. In fact, you can still go on your preferred diet while using CLA Safflower Oil. You may even get double the returns! On the other hand, you can opt for your own personal exercise and diet plan. Never underestimate the power of good exercise after all. With good exercise, you can multiply the effects of the CLA Safflower Oil. Your metabolism will burn fat with ease. Try it out and see for yourself! Protection Status
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