Yoga Best For Losing Weight Naturally

Yoga Instructors Ranked These 5 Yoga Best For Losing Weight Naturally

Yoga is becoming one of the most popular ways to lose weight and keep it off in the modern days. It has a lot of benefits for both the body and the mind.

During exercise, you also build your muscle, which is one of the keys to unlocking your metabolism’s potential and helping you to burn more calories. With the right exercises, you will reap a lot of health benefits that include losing weight naturally.

In fact, yoga has been recommended as one of the best tools for losing weight. According to the 2016 research by the National Institutes of Health, Yoga is one of the best tools because of its physical, mental and social benefits which make it a comprehensive tool for weight loss.

If you have neglected this exercises or you have not been taking it seriously, now is the time to add it to your weight loss recovery plan. Of course, this time around, you will have to concentrate more on 5 types of yoga so that you will target your efforts and reap the greatest benefits.

According to yoga instructors, these 5 types of exercises mentioned below are the best for losing weight naturally and quickly as well.

Top 5 Yoga For Weight Loss


This is one of the best poses to get your heart rate way up. It is a 90-minute practice that involves 26 specifically-ordered poses. Bikram is different from “hot yoga” but still retains some similarities.

During this practice, you are required to pace continually for a long time and these fast-paced movements are what make Bikram promote flexibility and weight loss. According to the report of a research from the Colorado State University, you can burn as many calories during Bikram practice as you would during a brisk walk. For the best result, you need to go on Bikram for at least 8 weeks to achieve the best result.

Bikram yoga poses


Iyengar is not as popular as Bikram and other types but it still considered very effective for weight loss. It is a form of Hatha but doesn’t involve much movement. However, the degree of postures and breathing involved in this type of exercise practice makes it perfect for muscle building and mental grit.

Iyengar is very similar to the Vinyasa yoga; they both contain the same continuous movements. However, during Iyengar, you will be required to hold your positions longer which are beneficial in boosting strength and calming the mind. When you build the right mindset, you can finally guide against snacking and this contributes to weight loss.

iyengar yoga poses chart


This exercise was named after Ana Forrest and it is fast becoming one of the most popular exercises especially since the experts ranked it as one of the best yoga for weight loss. Bearing in mind most of the challenges of our modern lives; this yoga was designed to correct these modern-day lifestyle ailments. Nowadays, most of us are too busy hunch over the computer or spend countless hours on our computer. This usually leads to rounded shoulders and weakened lower back muscles.

These modern-day ailments can be fixed with Forrest exercise. It includes deep breathing, poses sequences, and long holds that focus on building the core to strengthen you from the inside out. You can move more forcefully and rapidly when your core is all around and your spine braces correctly.

When you have a strong core, you won’t only lose weight on the exercise mat but it will also help you get more results on the treadmill. To see the best benefit, make sure you add Forrest exercise to your workout routine.

Forrest yoga


If you are a regular yoga student, you must have come across Hatha before. This type of yoga is mainly an umbrella for a physically-focused yoga practice instead of spiritually minded yoga. You should expect to feel intense pressure during this yoga practice.

Hatha practice makes use of poses that involves sitting and standing. However, don’t expect these moves to flow organically from one to the next. When it comes to the speed and intensity, instructors are allowed to have their own preferences, so you should definitely expect some surprises.

If you want to burn more calories, consider joining a Power Hatha class, this particular yoga class is the best for building strength and working for the large muscle groups. Note that bigger muscles mean you will burn more calories.

hatha yoga


This is one of the most intense exercises you will ever do. Fortunately, the intensity of this exercise is what delivers the weight loss result. It involves fast-paced yoga style that goes nonstop from the start to the finish.

What makes Vinyasa great for weight loss is that it links a series of asanas together by flowing from one to the next in a very quick manner. The speed and intensity that involves in the practice are what leads to weight loss. After a Vinyasa class, you will feel like you just had butt-kicking session at boot camp.

You can reap the same benefit as following a multi-week workout program in the gym when you do Vinyasa. This is because it progresses in the same manner. Each class allows you to systematically build on what you’ve already accomplished previously. Doing Vinyasa continuously will certainly contribute to weight loss in a couple of weeks.

Vinyasa Yoga

What To Do After Each Yoga Class

When you are done with each yoga class, take a couple of CLA Safflower oil supplements. This supplement allows you to build on what you accomplished on each of these classes and also to lose weight faster.


Losing weight with this exercises is possible and it is fast becoming one of the popular ways to lose weight nowadays. Yoga is popular among women. Men can also do yoga especially if you are looking to get all the benefits of yoga. Protection Status
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